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Industry News Bits Tue 5-23-23

Fundraisers this week .. Vision Christian Radio/Australia .. 

Nielsen AQH Share for Persons 12+, Mon-Sun 6AM-Mid – APR 23

WXOK/Baton Rouge – 2.3
KRVE HD3/Baton Rouge – 0.1
WLLV/Louisville 0.5
KKND/New Orleans – 2.3
WYLD AM/New Orleans – 1.1

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Fundraising Updates:

-WEMI/Appleton (The Family) recently held their Spring Fundraiser, and hit a new milestone in their fundraising, exceeding their previous spring record by over $70,000.

“The Family had a great fundraiser event raising a record amount for an event in the spring.  A big thank you to Vidare for their expertise and coaching,” said Family CEO Zach Cochran.

“There’s a bold vision at The Family to reach their community, the staff is committed, and the listeners have bought in,” added Vidare Creative’s Dave Kirby. “We’re so excited to see where God takes this station in the coming months and years!”

Worship 24/7/Portland held an on air “Day of Prayer” today (5/23) where listeners called in to the  prayer team with prayer needs.

Worship 24/7 GM David Harms says, “Amazing ministry with calls from all over: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Delaware , Texas, New York, Ohio, New Mexico, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey and international requests online from Qatar, Kenya, and the Philippines. Calls from hospital rooms, nursing homes and schools. So many needs.”












The Master Life Coach Training Institute (MLCTI) is pleased to announce the launch of an online course for grandparents that uses Christian life coaching skills to positively interact with their grandchildren in order to counteract the dangerous effects of societal trends.

Through MLCTI’s 16-part Grandcoaching course, grandparents can bond with their grandchildren, set a godly example, communicate Biblical truth to them to help shape their worldview, and perhaps lead them to personal faith in Christ.

“Cancel culture, sexual distortion, critical race theory, and other cultural shifts have penetrated our public education system and our society,” says MLCTI Chief Content Officer Dr. Don Hawkins. “Clearly we live in a post-Christian era. But there is hope – godly grandparents.”

Regarding the term “Post-Christian era,” Dr. Hawkins further stated; “When our country was founded, every leader was a Christian. But Christian principles permeated the founding documents, and the  establishment of our nation was undergirded with prayer. Up until the Seventies, public schools held prayer and Bible reading, and many people acknowledged the  influence of the Christian faith on every area of life in America. In recent years, research by Barna and others has demonstrated a loss of Christianity’s dominant influence to other competing influences including secularism, atheism and humanism. We believe many, if not most, grandparents are likely to have been raised in Christian homes and  developed Christian convictions, giving them a significant foundation for influencing their grandsons and granddaughters toward biblical Christianity and away from the influences of the media, education and other anti-Christian trends.”

Dr. Hawkins will be joined by Rodney Love & John Coleman on a Special Edition of Encouragement Live, heard on American Family Radio and other affiliated stations, on Saturday May 27th at 7 PM Central to talk about the origins and beneficial content of Grandcoaching. The Grandcoaching course can be found at www.Grandcoaching.org

MLCTI is now offering stations a PI spot for Grandcoaching. For information about this PI spot contact Jim Glogowski at LifeBridge Media Group – 713-385-5470.

KKEQ/Grand Forks (Your QFM) helped host the March For Jesus in Grand Forks ND and Bemidji MN this past weekend. Over 350 participated in Grand Forks, and over 500 in Bemidji!

KKEQ PD Josh Jones tells HisAir, “It consisted of a walk to music broadcast on Your QFM, followed by a worship and prayer rally. Both cities were prayed over, and it was incredible!”











Joseph Habedank, one of today’s leading voices in Christian music is set to release “The Basement,” on Daywind Records, Friday, May 25th. The date signifies his ten years of sobriety from drugs. The track is co-written by Habedank and is a homage to the thousands of church basements that hold meetings for people seeking recovery from addiction across the world. 

“It was like a tornado hit in May of 2013. Every single part of my life was impacted and damaged by my drug addiction.  If you can imagine the scene. It’s dark, it looks like more storms are on the way, and any eventual restoration looks almost impossible.  

In response to the concerns expressed by legislators and the radio industry, Ford Motor Company announced today that it will retain AM radio functionality in its upcoming vehicle models. Ford CEO Jim Farley took to social media to convey the decision, stating that after engaging in discussions with policy leaders regarding the critical role of AM broadcast radio within the emergency alert system, the company has chosen to incorporate it into all 2024 @Ford & @LincolnMotorCo vehicles. Additionally, for owners of Ford electric vehicles lacking AM broadcast capability, Ford will provide a software update as an alternative solution.

Paul Goldsmith celebrates 7 years with Goldsmith Media
Josh Pollock 4 years ay WCVO/Columbus
Carol Davis 21 years at WMIT/Asheville

His Radio/Greenville celebrates 40 years on the air

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