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Fundraisers this week .. WLGT/Washington, NC .. WRNP/Ft Wayne .. WBNH/Pekin, IL .. The Family/Appleton .. KWPZ/Seattle

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Fundraising Updates:

-WCIE/Tampa (The JOY FM) finished their four-day spring fund-raiser (FriendRaiser) on Friday, April 28, having hit 100% of the goal, just past the scheduled end at 8:00 P.M. JOY FM listeners gave over $3 million during FriendRaiser, which featured a “running start” in the promotional lead-up consisting of promos, soft appeals, and e-mail reminders, then four days of dedicated programming with direct on-air appeals. Giving patterns this year showed an increase of smaller gifts paired with larger, “challenge gifts,” which helped meet the goals and slightly expand the donor base. Comments from listeners revealed deep connection with the ministry of The JOY FM, whether from a listener who had just discovered the station or one who had listened for over thirty years.

GM Carmen Brown says, “Truly, we couldn’t be more thankful for this community of shared hearts. The connectedness we feel with our listeners really is what made the difference in this FriendRaiser. Our goals were huge, and have you looked at the price of eggs and a gallon of gas lately? There were no guarantees! Our trust is in Jesus, even if we hadn’t hit the goal. Thankfully, our amazing listening family came through!”

Also during The JOY FM FriendRaiser it was announced longtime Johanna Antes would be retiring at the end of the year. Her replacement will be working side by side with her until then. So, this last FR was Johanna’s last in choosing the theme, executing etc. In the Fall, she’ll still be here, but she’s going to let her replacement do it, and she’ll observe. Johanna will be part time in the summer, but she’ll most likely still help the station with the On-Air portion even next year.

-WPHN/Gaylord, MI (The Promise FM) wrapped up a successful Spring Days of Promise Gift Drive, going over 101% of their goal. This spring, The Promise partnered with God’s Pit Crew to help replenish “Blessing Buckets”, which had been depleted after the recent tornadoes in Mississippi and floods in California.

Executive Director Pat Scott said, “After a tornado hit our home town of Gaylord last May, we knew the impact that an organization like God’s Pit Crew can have on the families affected by natural disasters. We wanted to do our part to help and show people the love of Christ.” During the 3 ½ day event, 10% of all that was raised was given to God’s Pit Crew.

Pictured are Frank Reed and Tom Lewis, with Tom Lewis and Associates

KCMS/Seattle MD/midday host Sarah Taylor checked in with HisAir regarding her interview with former Fair Trade rep Meredith Leatherwood about the shooting at a Nashville school a few weeks ago. Meredith who is the mother of 3, talks about what she walked through going through her worst nightmare – the shooting at The Covenant School.

Sarah says, “I was honored that Meredith wanted to share how she is seeing unity, hope and healing in her community. She blew me away with how articulate she was!

Listen to Sarah’s podcast “Passion Meets Purpose” HERE.

New Job Alert: WKNZ/Milford, DE (The Bridge) is looking to add a person who will join Bill Sammons and Denise Harper on The Bridge Morning Show;

If interested check the listing HERE.

Kim Underwood 16 years at KLJY/St Louis
Jeff Savag
e 1 year at Hope Media Group

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