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Industry News Bits Thursday 3-18-21

American Family Radio (AFR) reports a few changes. Jim Stanley segues from GM to Director of Underwriting and Partnerships. Johnathan Coker is Director of Radio and Brent Creely is now Associate Director of Radio.

KKEQ/Grand Forks (Your QFM) PD Josh Jones checks in with HisAir. Josh says, “We’re gearing up for spring pledge drive next month, and a Casting Crowns parking lot concert. We just finished up a promotion called “Better To Love”  where we invite listeners to email us how they would bless others if we sent them $100 to do it!  The “after” stories are priceless!  We were able to bless 15 people with $100 gifts this year.”

WCVO/Columbus (The River) celebrates 20 years of Dan Baughman serving as President and CEO.  WCVO’s Todd Amlin writes, “Twenty years ago Dan was living comfortably in a corporate job that provided security and stability, but God had other plans for his life.  I can imagine God calling him out of that situation was much like asking Jonah to go to Nineveh.  Thankfully it didn’t take him ending up in the belly of a whale, it just took his amazing wife Vicky saying, “this is what God wants”.  At the time WCVO was struggling.  Struggling with direction, focus, and struggling financially.  Dan came in with a plan, and he boldly put that plan into action.  The station moved from preaching and teaching with multiple genres of music to a very focused music station that was relevant.  He also put a formidable team together of respected leaders in the industry.  He brought one of the best sound engineers in the business in and said, “I want to sound as good or better than ANYONE in our market”.

The rest is history, however that history is still being written.  The River represents four radio stations in contiguous markets:  WCVO Columbus, WFCO Lancaster, WZNP Newark, and WZCP Chillicothe.

In his free time KLTY/Dallas PD Mike Prendergast loves to chase storms! Mike says, “Things like that, out in the middle of nowhere, just watching that, feeling it, smelling it, hearing it, it’s just amazing,”  KFDX/Wichita TV featured Mike in a recent piece. Watch HERE

Dan Baughman 20 years at WCVO/Columbus
Rob Dempsey 21 years at His Radio/Greenville

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