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Industry News Bits Thu 5-26-22

Vidare Creative has added Tom Miner to its team as a client relationship manager, beginning May 30, 2022. Miner was formerly a producer at WGTS/Wash DC. 

“It is a great privilege and honor for me to join the team at Vidare Creative,” says Miner, “I have long respected the team’s work, dedication, and commitment to helping their clients thrive. Together, we will achieve goals, serve our communities, and advance the mission.”

Vidare’s Paul Goldsmith added, “Tom is a uniquely gifted communicator with a get-it-done mentality and more than that, he’s just such a likable guy. We are honored to have him join the Vidare team in serving our key clients.”

WBDX/Chattanooga (J103) Jfest returned to the Tennessee Riverpark and shattered all previous attendance records. With a lineup of some of the best in Christian music, Jfest was attended by over 12,500 enthusiastic festival-goers. The Tennessee Riverpark was the venue.

J 103 PD/mornings and Jfest Festival Director Ted Gocke said, “It is so exciting to see a crowd of that size come together to celebrate live music. As a ministry, seeing God at work on that day shows that all of the hard work was worth it.”

The WBDX Jfest will return to the Tennessee Riverpark on May 20, 2023.

June 5, which is Pentecost Sunday, marks the International Day for the Unreached in 2022. Because there are still 3 billion people across the globe (approximately one third of the world’s population) who still have no access to the Gospel, the Alliance for the Unreached is inviting people to join them for the 1:11 Prayer Challenge, which encourages participants to stop at 1:11 p.m. each day for 33 days to pray for unreached people. The Challenge will kick off on June 5, when the Alliance will also host live streaming events from around the globe. It’s happening in tandem with the “A Third of Us” movement, which generates awareness for the third of people on Earth without access to a church, the Bible, or other believers.

When participants share their photo with the symbol and the hashtag #AThirdofUs, they can help start a conversation about those who are still unreached. Anyone interested in joining the 1:11 Prayer Challenge and the “A Third of Us” movement can find out more by visiting AThirdofUs.com. Last year, hundreds of people signed up to participate in the 1:11 Prayer Challenge. Dozens of social media influencers with a combined following of a million people posted about the “A Third of Us” movement, including David Platt, Francis Chan, and Natasha Brown Watson. The impact was far-reaching, with the traffic and shares equally split between the US and other parts of the globe.

“This is not a one-time event, it’s a movement that continues to grow in strength,” says Marv Newell, Executive Director of the Alliance for the Unreached. “We want to continue increasing awareness and praying together for God to open doors to those who still don’t have access to the Gospel. In the West, we have so much exposure to the Bible, churches, and believers that it’s hard to think about the fact that anyone would still have no idea who Jesus is and what He’s done. We can’t sit still; we want to be prayerful and drive action so that the hope of Christ reaches every corner of the world.”

Julie Hartman (Photo: Business Wire)Salem announced today that it has signed newly graduated Harvard University student Julie Hartman to a three pronged deal involving Salem Podcast Network, Salem News Channel, and Salem Radio Network.

“Julie represents a new generation of young media professionals, and we are adding some to the Salem platform, proving that even at Harvard you can come out a conservative if you keep your wits about you,” said Salem Senior Vice President of Spoken Word, Phil Boyce. “Her story is compelling and even riveting, and will probably be a book and a movie someday.”

Julie will start in September, hosting 2 shows every weekend on Salem News Channel, three podcasts a week on the Salem Podcast Network, and sub hosting on various Salem Radio Network programs.

God’s Pit Crew volunteers and staff will reveal newly rebuilt homes on Friday, May 27th for two families in the Bremen, Kentucky area whose homes and lives were destroyed in the devastating tornadoes last December. Autumn lost her husband and was critically injured in the December tornado. Her home and all her personal belongings were destroyed. The Vanover family also lost everything in the storm. Both families will get their keys and see their new homes for the first time at the reveals on Friday. God’s Pit Crew volunteers and staff rebuilt both houses in just 18 days. The newly finished homes will be fully furnished and decorated, ready for move-in.

This is possible thanks to our amazing volunteers, our partners including two-time Grammy-award winning Christian artist and Kentucky native Jason Crabb, Team PRP, Jentezen Franklin Ministries, and our donors. God’s Pit Crew Founder and President Randy Johnson says, “We are thrilled for these families and very grateful to our amazing volunteers who have put their hearts into this project. We thank them and our wonderful partners and donors who help us provide hope, healing, and restoration for these families.”

Both families will see their new homes for the first time Friday. Autumn’s home reveal is at noon and the Vanovers’ reveal is at 2:30 PM. Jason Crabb will tour the homes with the families and sing them his new song, “Good Morning Mercy.” God’s Pit Crew is a non-profit, faith-based crisis response team of volunteers who wish to serve others. When disaster strikes, God’s Pit Crew is there to deliver hope, healing and restoration to hurting people in their time of need. Get Connected to God’s Pit Crew: 












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