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Industry News Bits Thu 3-31-22

Christian Music Broadcasters’ Station of the Year finalists have been announced. The Station of the Year Awards will be presented at Momentum 2022 during the CMB Awards Dinner on Friday, June 3rd.

Small Market:
WNFR/Port Huron

Medium Market:
WLAB/Ft Wayne

Large Market:
KNWI/Des Moines
WJQK/Grand Rapids

Major Market:
KLJY/St Louis

Salem Music Network announces that KXOJ/Tulsa has added “Keep the Faith” with Penny to their Midnight to 5:00am time slot. Keep the Faith with Penny is heard on 150 stations coast to coast.

Salem Media announced today that Jonathan Garthwaite has been promoted to Senior Vice President and Publisher, Townhall Media. Jonathan will continue to oversee all business and editorial operations for Townhall Media properties, which includes Townhall, RedState, PJ Media, Hot Air, Twitchy, and Bearing Arms. Combined, Townhall Media attracts upwards of twenty-million readers each month.

The Metaverse is closer than you realize! It’s true.  Killer Bee Marketing CEO Brian Curee tells HisAir today that the Killer Bee team is creating a virtual workspace to meet in every week. The workspace will allow them to sit at the same table, share computer screens, draw on a dry erase board, share documents in their very own virtual office space.

Brian (KillerB) said, “Imagine going to live concerts, venues with sponsor booths, conferences, or maybe taking a walk on the space station…it’s happening, and it is mind-blowing!”

The Killer Bee team is digging more into this digital advancement to understand the possibilities and how Christian radio and organizations can use it to reach hurting people that try to escape the real world.

Brian also said, “It may sound scary to some of us, but it’s important to remember that God has created us for this time. Please pray for our team as we step into this new digital era. There are a lot of unknowns, but the one constant is that there are real people with real problems on the other side that need Jesus. Our purpose is to meet them where they are and bring them the truth and love of our Savior. As we step into the digital mission field, it’s great to know we are not alone and have the support and prayers from our Christian radio friends.”

Join Killer Bee Marketing LIVE on April 22nd at NOON (est) to discuss the Metaverse and see some recordings from their experience in the Metaverse so far.

You can watch live on their private FB group, on YouTube (must be logged in to comment), on LinkedIn or you can sign up for an email notification at https://killerbeemarketing.com/officehour/

REAL Southern Gospel Radio held its very first Spring Sharathon this week after launching in September last year.. Southern Gospel Music veteran musician, producer, manager Les Butler says, “Our first and thankfully, it was successful!”  

Pictured with Butler on right is Southern Gospel Music Hall of Famer and REAL Southern Gospel Radio Board Member, Eddie Crook at the sharathon. 

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Classic Christian 24/7 online celebrates 12 years

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