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Industry News Bits Thu 3-24-22

FEB Nielsen PPM Day 4 releases today. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by Dunham+Company. Latest ratings are HERE.

EMF is purchasing another big market station in California. The station KRTY/San Jose, a longtime mainstream Country station, will become KLOVE at a price $3.138 million from owner Empire Broadcasting. The sale was prompted by the passing of owner Bob Kieve in 2020.

With the battle in Ukraine now in its second month, evidence suggests that Ukrainians are looking to the media for hope.

According to data provided by our TWR360 staff, visits to TWR360’s copious Christian music, video, and text have surged by 40% from the capital of Kyiv, despite the war’s bombing. Visits to Lviv, which has become a transit hub for migrants leaving the county, have increased by 32%. We maintain regular touch with ministry teams in Ukraine and Russia. Both languages are available on TWR360, which has over 90 in total.

Other Eastern European countries have seen an increase in users, typically in the double digits, according to Frank Stephenson, TWR Europe communications director. Many of these countries have refugee populations.

Hope 103.2/Sydney morning host Katrina Roe announced she will be leaving the station to spend more time with her family. 

Hope 103.2, content director Aaron Wright says, “Katrina has been an integral part of the Hope family for around 16 years, having made a significant contribution to Hope as the original Open House producer, Hope Mornings presenter, host of the Hope Book Club, Australia’s Invisible History, articles, interviews… the list goes on! What an impact Katrina has had through Hope 103.2.” 

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One thought on “Industry News Bits Thu 3-24-22

  • With KLOVE airing on 97.7 in San Jose is it confirmed that 95.3 will also be KLOVE. I assume Air 1 will be on 95.3 but it could be on 97.7 and KLOVE moves to 95.3 but they are similar signals.


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