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Industry News Bits Mon 4-26-21

Nielsen March PPM Ratings are all in. April Day 1 arrives May 17th.

In March WFSH/Atlanta climbed 3.7-4.1 AQH. KLTY/Dallas saw a jump with its cume of over 100k. KSBJ/Houston was steady at 5.9 AQH and held the #3 ranking.

March results from subscriber stations HERE

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WRVL/Lynchburg  (The Journey) hit 100% of their goal for their Spring Partner Invitation.  They raised the most money they ever had in their Partner Invitation.

General Manager Mike Weston said “It was really a leap of faith for us this time as we raised our goal much higher than we ever have before. One of the verses that encourages us at The Journey is Ephesians 3:20-21. God certainly fulfilled that verse this April by doing immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. Thank you to all of our new donors and to those who increased their gift this time around!”

More details on the story reported first (4-15-21) on HisAir of PraiseLive going on the air in Minneapolis at 95.3 FM KZGO, one of the stations purchased by EMF recently. PraiseLive announced they will reacquire the station and are purchasing the station from EMF for $1.225 mil.  PraiseLive went back on KNOF Friday April 15th. PraiseLive sold the station six years ago. Calls have returned to KNOF.

Executive Director David McIver describing it as a “miracle story” announced on the air Friday, April 23, that PraiseLive has reached a deal to buy KNOF/95.3 (St. Paul).

The history of KNOF is a back in forth story that started when in 2007, the FCC approved the ownership transfer from Selby Gospel Broadcasting Corporation to North Central University. KNOF was sold to Praise Broadcasting in 2014 for $5 million. In just eleven months later in September 2015, Praise Broadcasting announced the sale of KNOF to Northern Lights Broadcasting. In December 2020 the sale (for KNOF and KQGO) was announced to EMF for $2.45 million.

Remember stations having fundraisers this week… WWIL/Wilmington, WPER/Fredericksburg, WALK FM/Ashland, KY, and WGRC/Lewisburg PA and others…

Tuesday in the 2 pm CT hour internet station The Blast host Colin Cruz will talk to Brian Head Welch, lead singer of Love And Death.  He’ll talk about his past struggles with drugs and the deliverance he received from Jesus Christ.

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TJ Holland 12 years with TJ Holland Consulting
Rodney Miller 10 years at Salem Media

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