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Industry News Bits Mon 11-22-21

WCVK/Bowling Green (Christian Family Radio) is the recipient of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association “Station of the Year” Award. Congratulations to GM Bridget Kehrt Groce and the entire staff!

“This type of recognition affirms our core value—that media should strengthen our community, and if there ever was a time the community needs strengthening it’s now,” states Bridget Kehrt-Groce, Executive Director of CFR. “It’s been exciting to be congratulated by colleagues across the nation who are so grateful that a faith-based media outlet is receiving this type of recognition.”

WSAE/Spring Arbor, MI (106.9 HOME.fm) partnered with local Aspen One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning to provide 3 new Furnaces to Jackson area families in need as part of HEAT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! The families, received a new furnace, plus installation & removal of their existing system, along with a worry free warranty.  The estimated value was approximately $5000 each.

Pictured L-R is Jimmy Johnston from Aspen One Hour Heating & Cooling, and WSAE ‘106.9 HOME.fm Mornings @ Home’ Show Host and PD Glenn Goodwin.

Spotify’s ReZurrection Radio announces the release of to 2 Christmas Channels. ReZurrection Radio General Manager/Program Director Ron Diaz tells HisAir, “A ReZurrection Christmas” features many of todays Top Christian Music Artists and a touch of classics. “ReZ Christmas Traditions” playlist consists of those classics and standards by Bing, Sinatra, Brenda Lee, and more. We also added a few notable CCM traditional standard classics. We have tailored these 2 channels to have the sounds and feeling of Christmas that young and old will love! It is our hope that even those who don’t normally listen to Christian Music will enjoy these offerings and be blessed with the gospel.”

Starting this FRIDAY, the day after Thanksgiving, its All Christmas on WWIL/Wilmington (Life 90.5).

There are so many ways that you could go about distributing your content, and there are a plethora of platforms and media outlets that could host your content. How do you choose which platforms and outlets you use? Does it make a difference to you whether your media platform of choice is faith-based? This article from the NRB gives insight.

Read HERE.

Former EMF announcer and Major Market Air Personality of The Year, Kenny Noble Cortes has written a new book set to release early next year. The book titled “Culture Jock” tells Kenny’s story about what it means to have ‘One Foot in The World’ and ‘One Foot in The Church. and of his quadriplegic wife and how that tragically happened just prior to their Golden year anniversary. For more info on the book go HERE.

Today (11/22) is the 58th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, one of the saddest days in American history… HisAir asked Christian broadcasters “What do you remember about that day”

Dan Bell WJBZ/Knoxville – “I was in school, mixed chorus actually. I remember because it was the first time I saw a man cry. Our director was in tears. I stayed up all night watching news coverage. Saw Oswald get shot early that Saturday morning.”

Jim Stephens Former GM Carolina Christian Radio – “I was in 6th grade in a Catholic school at the time President Kennedy was shot. Early in the afternoon probably around the time the assassination occurred the nuns shut down the school and herded all the students into the church and told us to get on our knees and pray. We weren’t told what to pray for and we were kept there until school let out. There were whispers among the students that the President had been shot. I think after school some of the students confirmed what had happened. This was back in the day when students sometimes took their transistor radios to school. When I got home my Mom hadn’t heard and I told her what had happened. We immediately turned on the black & white TV and Walter Cronkite was on the air telling everyone what happened and how the search for the suspect was going. A couple days later after Oswald had been arrested my Mom was watching the TV and they were showing a live fed of Oswald being taken out of the Dallas police station where had been held after his arrest and she saw Jack Ruby shoot Oswald on live TV.”

Dusty Wells Daywind Records – “I was 5 years old and I still vividly remember being at home in Jackpot, Nevada and my mom was baking cookies…I was playing with my cars and the TV was on, and I remember Walter Cronkite came on with breaking news. My mom grabbed me and my sister who is a year younger and held us close. I still can hear her trying to control her sobs and tell us kids what a good President he was and we were going to be ok. Such a sadness the next few days around our neighborhood as everyone began to talk about it.”

Chris Hauser Hauser Promotions – “I was all of 3 years old! I have been a hardcore student of the story for decades. I read an abridged version (1 volume) of the Warren Commission report as a 10 year old in 1970!”

JD Chandler Former KLOVE personality – “The shaken voice of our school principal over the loudspeaker, announced that our President had been shot…followed by another announcement that he had died. They released all the students, as I walked home in silence, greeted my my sobbing mother who was frantically vacuuming the house. I’ll never forget that day. 11/22/1963”

Wayne Pederson FEBC “I was in high school. Afternoon classes had already started. My friend and I worked the cleanup taking down the tables and chairs after school lunch hour. Because of that we were not in class yet and heard the news about the JFK shooting. I walked into band practice and shared the unbelievable news to a very shocked room full of classmates. I remember that night at home was very somber. My dad, an ardent Republican, was very sad and somber over the tragic news that our president was dead.”

Doug Hastings Moody Radio – “I remember seeing the newscaster break into a program, and then sensing how impactful the news was by the look on my Mom’s face. At age 5, I couldn’t grasp it all but surely knew it was a big deal if it affected my Mom like that.”

Jim Glogowski LifeBridge Media Group – I was in 3rd Grade at St Mark school, Miss Alice Hoops class, she came in, made an announcement about the president being shot and school closed for the remainder of the day I went home and played outside with friends in MR Lippincotts yard.

Rick Dunham celebrates 19 years at Dunham+Company
Jeanice Lee 12 years at EMF

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