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Industry News Bits Friday 2-26-21

KRNG-FM/Fallon, NV (Renegade Radio) has gone off the air. Owners of the Christian Rock station Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association, Inc, say it was just not financially possible to continue and have decided to sell the station.

KRNG PD/MD Victor Lawrence (The Notorious V.I.C) has been with the station since it went on the air. Vic told HisAir today, “KRNG-FM 101.3 Renegade Radio began broadcasting to the communities of northern Nevada and eastern California on July 4th 1997.  It has been a wonderful experience and we know that God has used the radio station to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many young people.  The radio station’s time is coming to an end, but we are grateful to God for sustaining and blessing the ministry all of these years.  We are also grateful to all of the talented artists and everyone in the Christian music industry for their wonderful work and support.”

KRNG is a C2 1650 watts @ 2208 ft and serves the greater Reno area. The buyer is Juan C. Rodriguez dba Biggest Little Radio.

WWIB/Chippewa Falls PD Greg Steward says the station is running a fun contest right now called “cabin fever.” According to Greg, “It’s been 3 long months of winter around here so we are asking our listeners to call in and hit us with their best cabin fever scream to qualify for a great prize package.”

In the Nielsen January PPM Day 3 we saw WCVO/Columbus and KSOS/Las Vegas (SOS Radio) maintain their top 10 standings. Also KJNW/KC (Life 88.5) increased 3.1-3.6 AQH.  Look for Nashville, West Palm Beach and more in the final day release later on HisAir. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by Dunham+Company. Latest ratings ae HERE.

WBSN/New Orleans (Lifesongs) and WHIF/Palatka (Hope FM) both have sharathons next week.

Andy Youso 8 years at KTIS/Minneapolis

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