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Industry News Bits Fri 8-19-22

Today CCMG artist TobyMac releases his first first full-length project “Life After Death” since losing his son in 2018. Toby says the new album offers songs offering wisdom and hope for those going through similar struggles.

Toby has been busy visiting radio promoting “Life After Death” with interviews. Among those are with KeepTheFaith host Keith Stevens, who gets real with Toby, dissecting the songs that helped him grieve the loss of his oldest son.

And with KeepTheFaith CEO David Sams podcast “Contagious Influencers of America” – Listen HERE.

Listen SOS Radio/Las Vegas PD Scott Herrold interviewing TobyMac HERE.

Read the Billboard interview with Mac HERE.

Killer Bee Marketing launched and hosted their first live show in the Metaverse on August 17, 2022. The studio was full within 60-seconds!!! Brian (Killer.B) and Olivia (Metalivia) interviewed Aaron Sorrels, the owner of the Soapstone Comedy Club and Jason Earls, a national touring comedian. Aaron and Jason shared their Metaverse story, and experience so far.

You can watch the interview replay on YouTube now by visiting https://youtu.be/bS8MCb1W3Sc

Brian says, “Broadcasting in the Metaverse is here, and the audience engagement was incredible! The Killer Bee Studio is designed for connection. Our goal is to provide a virtual space for people to connect, encourage, and serve. The studio is open for the general public to use as their own studio, and I’m excited to see where this goes moving forward. We’ll be hosting a a live broadcast every week at 3pm EST, beginning September 7th.”

If anyone in the Christian radio industry is interested in experiencing the Killer Bee Studios in the Metaverse, they are lining up monthly interviews to join in as a guest. Brian says, “Since not everyone has a VR headset, I’ve decided to purchase an extra headset to ship out to people who are open to joining us as guests. The purpose of the studio is to connect, encourage, and serve. If you’d like to learn more about joining me as a guest, email me personally at brian@killerbeestrategies.com.”









Richele returns to the air at Rhema 99.7/Warabrook, NSW to host evenings 6-11pm.

Salem Media Group announced the launch of the Sekulow Brothers Podcast with Jordan and Logan Sekulow on the Salem Podcast Network. The first episode of this new podcast will be released on September 12, 2022, and each week, three new episodes will be released. The podcast will include commentary and analysis of a wide variety of topics from the unique perspectives of Jordan and Logan Sekulow.

The Salem Podcast network launched in January 2021 and is already ranked as the 11th most listened to podcast network on the Triton Digital platform, with over 17 million average downloads per month.

“Salem is so excited to launch this podcast with the Sekulow Brothers,” said Phil Boyce, Salem Media’s Senior Vice President for spoken word format. “Logan and Jordan are at the tip of the spear in this culture war we are fighting, and they know the issues better than anybody. This is going to be a ‘must listen’ podcast.”

The NRB Awards program is designed to encourage excellence in production, service to the community, faithfulness to the mission, commitment to the Gospel, and personal integrity. We invite all NRB members to nominate the individuals and organizations they believe best meet the awards criteria for the 2023 NRB Annual Media Awards.

Submit nominations HERE

KSBJ/Houston underwriting administrative assistant Cara Williamson exits the station after 14 years.

At KADI/Springfield Tanya Lynn is now hosting 10a-2p and Marla Lucas holds down afternoon drive 2-7pm.

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