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Fundraisers this week .. WayFM

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KXOJ/Tulsa – 5.7
KGBI/Omaha – 2.5
KGOR HD3/Omaha – 0.3
KCRO/Omaha – 0.2

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Libby O’Driscoll exits the radio promo team at Fair Trade Services. Friday was her last day on the job. She joined Fair Trade in Jan 2022.

Libby tells HisAir she plans to take some time off to travel with her first stop Hawaii next week.

TWR’s shortwave station on KTWR/Guam has bounced back from a super typhoon to get right back to proclaiming the gospel across Asia.

Although sustained 140 mph winds raked the north end of the island on May 24, KTWR was spared the worst of the storm but still suffered significant damage to its broadcast antennas. Other shortwave broadcasters were contracted to carry portions of the radio programming until KTWR staff – in what their ministry colleagues consider a supernaturally blessed superhuman effort – made repairs and gradually brought the antennas online. As of July 15, all the regular broadcast schedule was on the air again.

“We have had to make some modifications to support the broadcast, but now our listeners should be able to hear the signal loud and clear from Guam,” Station Director Grant Hodgins said Wednesday. “Really, other than the antenna damage, the station sustained minimal damage. We have been able to get things back to normal for day-to-day operations.”

The typhoon claimed no lives on Guam, thank the Lord, and life is slowly returning to normal, though huge amounts of debris are still being dealt with, utilities have stabilized but some power issues remain, and many store shelves are empty. Fuel has risen to $5.25 a gallon, and school schedules have been disrupted.

Of the station’s five antennas, Hodgins said, only No. 1 remains out of service, but an outside crew was expected to remove damaged parts this week. The typhoon halted work on the major Strong Tower for Asia restoration project, and the North Carolina contractor’s crew will have to come back in 2024 to complete it.

As amazing as KTWR’s recovery efforts have been, they wouldn’t be possible without over 2,000 missions-minded supporters having stepped forward in the middle of the crisis to help underwrite the costly repairs. The $559,000 in generous donations is enabling Hodgins and his team to ensure that listeners will be able to tune in the good news of Jesus Christ in countries like North Korea, China and Indonesia.

Pictured KTWR staff survey the damage done to the broadcast antennas by the super typhoon.

Prairie Winds Broadcasting has acquired K253AB/Aberdeen SD (98.5) from Christian Heritage Broadcasting at a purchase price of $44,000.

Elijah Radio Inc. has acquired Christian Preaching WRHP/Anniston AL (100.1) from the Anniston Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

The Power Foundation has acquired the dormant WJGS/Norwood GA (91.5) from Joy Christian Ministries for a sum of $5000.

Chris Scotland 3 years at WCIC/Peoria
Jim Hoge celebrates 35 years at WPOZ/Orlando
Josh Lauritch 10 years at 55 Promotion
Matt McNeilly celebrates 7 years at Moody Radio/Chicago

Richele 2 years at Rhema 99.7/Warabrook, NSW

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