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TWR UKRAINE UPDATE: Last Monday, a thousand power banks arrived at the TWR office in Bratislava, Slovakia. Soon, they’ll be in the hands of Ukrainian refugees for whom they will be meaningful gifts.

If you’re not familiar with power banks, they are portable devices used to recharge cellphones and other gadgets when no electrical outlet is available. They must be charged themselves at some point, but depending on their capacity can recharge a cellphone as many as four times.

The power banks that are about to be distributed are in the middle range, said Frank Stephenson, communications director for TWR Europe, and are conveniently pocket-sized. TWR is providing them in partnership with Operation Mobilization (OM), whose U.S. offices are in Georgia. One side of the power bank features links and a QR code to connect people with TWR Ukraine. The other has similar information for OM. The two agencies are splitting the costs down the middle.

It’s an exciting example of how two organizations that share an overarching mission of bringing Christ to the world but through different means can increase their impact with a combined project.

Imagine what it might mean to a refugee with limited access to electrical outlets to have the use of one of these devices. On top of that, the refugee is provided with information that could lead her to more help, materially and spiritually, in the name of Jesus

On Tuesday and Wednesday, June 14th and 15th, WPHN/Gaylord (The Promise FM) is teaming with Cross International, for a two-day fundraising event to benefit their hometown of Gaylord Michigan. Currently, the community is working to clean up and function, after an EF3 Tornado tore through a crowded section of town on May 20th.

The Promise FM will be sharing stories and testimonies that have come about through the storm, and inviting their listenership to give a one-time, generous gift. Cross International has made their resources available, including audio and digital imaging, call center, and other assets. Executive Director Pat Scott says, “We believe God is going to do something really spectacular! Already, we have had several generous donors make contact, offering some pretty amazing challenge gifts, so we look forward to seeing all that God is going to bring about!”

Southern Gospel Music Association President Arthur Rice announced he will retire from singing quartet music and the Kingdom Heirs. He is going into full time ministry as a minister of music. He will continue to serve as president of the SGMA and a co host of the Southern Gospel News Podcast.

Station Transactions:

Delmarva Educational Association buys Christian Preaching/Conservative Talk WKQA/Norfolk, VA (Freedom 1110) from Booth-Cobb Media for $10,000.

The station has been silent since March. In the Norfolk area, Delmarva Educational Association owns WWIP /Cheriton, VA.

Dwayne Harrison 6 years at WPER/Fredericksburg
Josh Lauritch 7 years at 55 Promotion
Brian Neuwirth 4 year at Family Life Radio
Courtney Canfield 1 year at WBGL/Champaign

Prayer List:
Joshua Guevara (dad)

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