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Industry News Bits FRI 3-24-23

Fundraisers this week .. KWFC/Springfield .. WCSG/Grand Rapids .. Christian Family Radio/Bowling Green .. WNWC/Madison .. KNWS/Waterloo .. CHRI/Ottawa .. CJLF/Barrie ..

Nielsen February PPM numbers are all posted. Look for March PPM to release starting April 18th.

Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by Dunham+Company on HisAir. Latest PPM numbers are HERE.


Always great to see live, local, Christian Radio on location supported by area merchants. WLGT/Washington, NC (My Bridge) founder Johnny Jones & sales manager Jared Mosley broadcast this morning at Howells Mercantile giving listeners a peek at their Spring Open House. 

The station moved its frequency last year from 98.3 to 97.5 and doubled the power.

Pictured are Jones (left) and Mosley.












As we look at today’s digital landscape, we can easily see how crowded the marketplace has become, placing a greater demand for quality content to cut through the noise. Alongside the need for a solid content strategy comes the need to amplify your reach to help achieve your organization’s goals.

With many digital platforms at your fingertips, you may be wondering which ones are worth investing in, and how your organization can effectively reach more people. Check out 6 steps to creating a powerful SEO strategy from Dunham+Company.

Read the article HERE

Christian Media Congress 2023 will be held later this year in Rwanda organized by Sion Communications.

Director of Sion Communications Nicodeme Nzahoyankuye says, “We are a ministry that advances the gospel through media.”

This conference will bring together Christiaan media professionals from broadcast radio, TVs, Print, and internet influencers who want to be engaged, trained, and network for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Opportunities for those interested include speaking, networking, and exhibiting. The dates are November 24-26, 2023 in Rwanda capital Kigali. 

More info is available HERE.

If you missed the Vidare Creative webinar this week with Lisa Williams you can now watch it online. this week? Vidare’s Bill Scott & Paul Goldsmith, and Lisa talked about what to do after your fundraiser is over. 

Watch HERE

Shawn Hill 2 years at Hope Media Group
Hannah Jamieson 2 years at WWIL/Wilmington
KNWI/Des Moines show Mornings with Taylor & Jen celebrate 7 years on the air
EMF purchases KRTY/San Jose

Mark Channon 4 years at WKJA/Barberton, OH
Neal Hopson 9 years at BOOST Radio/St Louis
More than 25 Christian Radio stations take part in a “Day Of Hope” 3 years ago

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