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At NRB 2024 in Nashville Thursday night Ernie Haase & Signature Sound were slated to perform several patriotic songs prior to keynote speaker former President Donald Trump at the Presidential forum. Trump was over an hour late in arriving at Gaylord due to inclement weather.

In this audio cut provided by Greg Goodman at Daywind Ernie says a few patriotic songs turned into almost an hour performance.  He explains how the group was asked to return to the stage. Download the audio HERE.

In his speech the Former President said he will defend Christianity and religious liberty if he wins the White House in November.  This year marks the 80th anniversary for NRB, which Trump noted in his speech.

“This great organization has helped spread the word of God, the love of Christ, the stories of the holy Bible, and the voices of famed evangelical people and evangelists like the late, great Pat Robertson, who was a great gentleman. I got to know him very well. Great evangelist. And, of course, the legendary Billy Graham. How good was Billy Graham, right?” said Trump.

Also, during the long wait before Trump spoke Salem VP News/Talk Tom Traddup (pictured below) was on hand to keep the crowd calm.

HisAir NEW JOB ALERT: Hope 107.9 FM in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon is looking for the next superstar Account Executive. Check the listing HERE.

Vanguard Association of Sunbelt Colleges Corp has won a construction permit for a new noncom educational FM station in Rosendale, Wis., despite an informal objection and a petition to deny from two other applicants.

SCROOGE: A Christmas Carol podcast by Hope Media Group and Compassion International is recognized for its audio excellence and has been nominated for Best Performance in Audio Fiction by The Podcast Academy.

The Podcast Academy is the only professional membership organization uniting podcast creators and industry leaders. With an inclusive approach and diverse leadership, it encourages creativity and award excellence.

HisAir NEWS FLASHBACK – Feb 23, 2021 – River Radio Ministries has hired Marty Daniels to serve for the new position of Lancaster Community Liaison. This position will primarily build into the community served by WFCO/Lancaster (90.9 The River).

Jake Townsend 10 years at WayFM
Andy Youso 11 years at KTIS/Minneapolis

Paul Tipton celebrates 34 years at Christian FM/Vero Beach
Matt Stockman 4 years at Pillar Media/NYC/NJ

Marty Daniels 3 years at River Radio/Columbus
Doug Griffin celebrates 26years on the air on Nashville
WKJV/Asheville, NC celebrating its 32nd anniversary this week

Doug Chamberlain 17 years at Samaritan Ministries
Ron Diaz 5 years at ReZurrection Radio
Megan Armstrong 1 year at KJIL/Abilene

Greg Myers
32 years with KCFY/Yuma, AZ
WCIF/Melbourne 44 years on the air

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