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Industry News Bits 8-6-18

After a successful number one stint with XM Satellite Radio’s The Message and launching 80 channels on  PRAZOR, the world’s first Christian music streaming service, Jim Epperlein, VP of Music Programming, is exiting PRAZOR, and, as of August 31st will be available for your next broadcast challenge. You can reach Jim at James.epperlein@gmail.com

French Camp radio GM Jonathon Holmes is stepping into another undetermined role at the station soon. He is currently searching for a new GM. If interested here is the opening listed on the HisAir.Net JOBS page.

One of the pioneers of radio evangelism in Ghana, Rev Dr Isaac Ababio, sometimes referred to as the Billy Graham of Ghana has died at age 78. Rev Dr Isaac Ababio was a regular preacher on radio, especially on GBC radio 2 from 1968 until 1982 when the military government took the program off air. He then broadcast from radio ELWA in Liberia from 1987 to 1990.

When the airwaves were liberalized in Ghana in 1994, his voice was heard regularly on Accra based Joy FM at dawn between 1995 and 1999.

July PPM numbers from Nielsen Audio begin to roll out today. We’ll get NY, Chicago, Dallas and more on Day 1. All subscribing stations will be posted. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by ShareMedia Services on HisAir.Net.

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