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Industry News Bits 7-14-16

news-iconWAY-FM Chief Content Officer Faron Dice  announced the release of their first 360° video from the newly designed WAY-FM video studio in Nashville.  You can watch the video here.   “While we know that we’re not the only ones out there using the 360° camera technology, we are excited about the opportunities here,” says Dice, “and we love that users can have control, and are able to experience what it’s like to sit in the middle of the band, while they play.”

The new video studio is the brainchild of Digital Content Director, Zach Boehm, who adds, “The consumption of digital video is exploding so much that we could no longer claim to be serious about reaching people if we were not serious about expanding our video production capabilities and capacity. Whether it’s producing high quality musical performances, capturing engaging conversations or exploring novel 360° techniques, WAY-FM is eager to serve people with uplifting content in the format that best connects.”

The Faith Radio AM show with Dr. Bill Maier featured guests discussing racial reconciliation. Rev. Billy Russell, President of the Minnesota Baptist Association and Sr. Pastor of Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, and Rev. Jason Meyer, Sr. Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church.  along with Ryan Sather of Cru Inner City were featured at a prayer gathering held in light of the recent tragic events in Minneapolis and St. Paul and America this past week.  To hear the interview, visit www.myfaithradio.com and click on Dr. Bill Maier’s Show page.  

The Washington Post featured an article on “CCM Christian Radio” written by air personality Brant Hansen. Check it out here

New TWR programming is reaching out to people in Kumamoto Prefecture in the aftermath of a magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck the Japanese island of Kyushu this spring. TWR regional ministry international director for Northeast Asia Samuel Tan, said he felt the Lord leading when a church member from Singapore suggested a visit to Kumamoto. Gospel broadcasts are not common in Japan, but a local station manager decided to add the program after it was presented to him by the visiting team. Power of the Gospel is set to air one hour a day Monday through Friday to a potential audience of 1 million, and another trip to the area to distribute tracts and promote the program is planned this summer.

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