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Industry News Bits 6-29-16

news-iconDick Whitworth, General Manager of Faith Radio reports that Rebekah Maxwell of Des Moines will be joining the Faith Radio Morning Show, “Dr. Bill Maier – “LIVE” as their Assistant Producer.  Rebekah graduated from Drake University’s school of journalism majoring in broadcast news; worked at AM 1040 WHO/Des Moines and most recently was the Producer of the nationally syndicated “Steve Deace Show” on the Salem Radio Network.  She started at Faith Radio July 25th.

Ambassador is offers stations a 4th of July Tool Kit. The 4th of July is only 6 days away!  For your station to mark Independence Day 2016—Ambassador assembled a complement of social media ready graphics, :30 PSAs from your favorite ministries, and a touching 2:40 spot voiced primarily by children—titled, “I Am An American”.  To download the free tool kit click here… 

NRB President Jerry Johnson and NRB Members met with Donald Trump last week in New York City.  In addition to the hour-long meeting with hundreds of pastors and others, as a member of the Steering Committee, Johnson met with Trump in a smaller gathering of leaders who were able to talk with him about various concerns of evangelicals. Read the full story from the NRB here

Congratulations to one of our favorite people in Christian Radio, Jon Hull, who is celebrating 20 years of service with KSBJ/Houston!

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