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Industry News Bits 6-20-16

news-iconNew Christian station WGAB/Evansville (Faith Music Radio) at 1180 AM and 93.1 FM has gone on the air and will simulcast 24 hours a day. The broadcasts include traditional gospel music and conservative Christian talk. “We’ve recorded somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 songs,” said Faith Broadcasting International Owner Gayle Russ. “All the music that you hear on 93.1 FM and 1180 AM is recorded right here in Evansville in our studio. ” Russ says the station’s format incorporates live announcers with a focus on the local community.

Moody Radio is making available a series of five 60-second PSAs to assist stations in celebrating Independence Day. The PSA’s are suitable for airing around the upcoming 4th of July weekend. Spots include a contemporary prayer to “Keep America,” lyrics from “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” and an inspiring recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. These spots are now available for download from the Affiliate FTP site.

Also at Moody Radio Cody Fraser Radio Rep will exit to attend school at  Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania in August of this year.

TWR syas it had a hand in making broadcast history recently when a digital media file was sent 3,000 miles over the ministry’s shortwave broadcast signal.
Originating at TWR’s  transmitter on the island of Guam, the test was deemed a success when the filecast was picked up on a receiver in Thailand.
The first-of-its-kind transmission was a joint project of TWR and Faith Comes By Hearing, whose Bible.is mobile app was used for the filecast. 

Educational Media Foundation has purchased WFRW/Battle Ground, IN. from Christian Radio Friends Inc. for $300,000. 

KSGN/Riverside PD morning co-host Bryan O’Neal celebrates his 10 year anniversary with the station…. 

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