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Industry News Bits 6-12-18

Jake Sommers has launched a new service as part of his imaging business called “The Brown Bag Countdown”

Stations feature THEIR personalities counting down the songs.

To get more information visit the site: http://thebrownbagcountdown.com/

The National Center for Stewardship and Generosity (NCSG) awarded Advocace’s Paul Martin the Lifetime Stewardship Achievement Award.

The National Center for Stewardship and Generosity works to communicate the gospel’s stewardship message to a present-day culture that largely no longer believes nor practices lifestyles rooted in Biblical and discipled stewardship. Over the last 30+ years Paul has worked toward the same goal: To help ministries flourish in vision and funding in order that they might take the Gospel to more people.

The National Center honored Paul for carrying out the shared vision of “communicating the gospel’s stewardship message”.

Scott Preissler, Director of The NCSG said, “Advocace, led by Paul Martin, is one of the most innovative consulting organizations in the country in our time.  I have personally benefitted by counsel from Paul and team over a decade.  Innovative, genuine and sincere are how I would describe the mind of Paul Martin, and he is a treasure available to Christian ministries across the United States.”

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