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Industry News Bits 5-11-17

WAY-FM (WAY Media, Inc.) announces that Rob Wagman is no longer in the position of Network Program Director as of May 9th. 

Rob provided HisAir.Net this statement regarding his departure. “It has been the greatest honor to serve my King, Jesus, with gifts He’s instilled in me in a career that only He has sustained for more than 30 years. We don’t get to pick how long something lasts, and if we were, I would have chosen to stay longer. WAY-FM’s transformation over the last three years, has been spectacular, building a lasting product, a durable identity, that today has the ability to engage the listener at a more real and deeper level. It was a privilege to work with many young talents, and through stern, yet consistent reinforcement watch them blossom beyond their wildest dreams. WAY-FM erupted as a leader, in music cycles, not only raising the bar of what the audience truly desires, but creating and sustaining lives and careers of artists whose product would have never seen the light of day at our format. At the end of the day, it is about ‘people’, and when you focus first on them, and not on the position and its potential power, God gets to do something wonderful. And because He is faithful, He has done a wonderful thing. “You will know my people by their fruit.” I am thankful to God to have served under a President like Bob Augsburg. When my marriage was in shambles and heading for destruction, WAY-FM managers prayed, but it was Bob who got out of his seat, walked over and put his hands on my shoulders. In an instant, I felt the power of a praying man; a leader. God made miracles in my marriage, with full restoration and fruitfulness. I wait for His word to what is next as He continues to grow me in wisdom and stature.”

A search for a new Network Program Director began immediately. 

WCIC/Peoria afternoon personality Jake Sommers has resigned to concentrate on his imaging and voice tracking business Spare Space Creative. His last day on the air at WCIC was Wednesday 5/10. 

EMF announces the KLOVE fan awards will be presented in about 500 movie theaters June 13th.  The KLOVE fan awards takes place live in Nashville on May 28th. 

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