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Industry News Bits 3-27-20

WLGH/Lansing, MI (Smile FM) Morning Host Josh Strickland has exited the station. John tells HisAir, ” I left to chase my dream of devoting full time efforts to the community news organization that I founded nearly eight years ago, and exploring new opportunities in ministry.”  

On Friday March 27th KLRC/Fayetteville is asking the community to show goodness to those that are working hard to provide for our medical, physical and safety needs.

“Delivery Difference Day” encourages people to call a local restaurant and arrange to send a meal to someone they know working extra hard and longer hours due to the COVID-19 outbreak — medical professionals, retail store associates, first responders — anyone that is working diligently to make sure we have supplies we need. Delivery Difference Day will brighten someone’s day and encourage them while also helping local restaurants.

“One of our core values at KLRC is to care for our community. We’ve been entrusted with a great platform and megaphone to promote ways that we come together during these difficult days. Our plan is to communicate new ideas each Friday to encourage a different segment of the population in positive ways,” Sean Sawatzky, KLRC general manager said.

“Each November, you’ve heard about and perhaps participated in our annual Drive-Thru Difference Day. This Friday, we’re bringing it back… with a twist.” Said Keri, KLRC Morning Show host.

Many people want to help during this time, but are limited due to social distancing guidelines. Providing meals is something your family can do from home while encouraging others who are out serving the community. Choose a friend or family that you know that is working for the benefit of others, pick out a business to support that is offering delivery or curbside pickup services and this Friday, place an order for a meal. Have the order delivered directly (don’t forget a great tip for the delivery driver) or pick it up and deliver to the home porch or workplace. Finally, in the notes on your order, leave a quick note letting the person know you’re participating in Delivery Difference Day and let them know they are appreciated.

The Winnipeg Free Press features the the CHVN/Winnipeg program “Connections” in a special published this week. 

Connections host Colleen Houde, who’s also a news and on-air host at CHVN, “During the pandemic she is more conscious of people’s isolation, people stuck in their homes with no one else besides the radio to connect to.”  Read the full story HERE

Child Evangelism Fellowship is producing short features (4:30 minutes) that point people to FREE resources which can be used with children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Go here to listen, download the programs, and sign up for notices that additional programs have been posted: www.cefonline.com/psc/psc-radio

Former His Radio/Greenville personalities Alison Storm and Jim Mann have launched a new podcast billed as the world’s first Chick-fil-A fan podcast, “My Pleasure: The Unofficial Chick-fil-A Podcast”.  The podcast includes the stories of some of the 3 million customers that visit Chick-fil-A daily. 

Storm says, “I spent many breaks from my job working at Sears rushing to the food court to buy chicken. But in the last couple of years I’ve started learning more and more about the company and its founder, Truett Cathy,” Storm explains. “The company has built its success around creating ‘raving fans’ and I realized I’m one of them!”

Jim Mann, a former children’s pastor, Disney bus driver, and radio veteran has been enjoying Chick-fil-A for decades. “We think you’ll have a cow over this podcast,” jokes Mann. “My Pleasure” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and anywhere you enjoy podcasts. Find the latest episodes, freebies and even a fan shop at Chickfilapodcast.com.

KAXL/Bakersfield (Life 88.3) PD Matt Pelishek checks in with HisAir, “Despite a sudden drop in giving, we are doubling our efforts to be a resource of hope and light during this time.  I think we all know the kind of opportunity this is, and I think that is what is driving us at Life FM right now.  We all have our own stresses and uncertainties, but we’ve banded together as a staff knowing how important this ministry is right now. We have filled our imaging with spots about being the ‘fear not’ station, and because we are a small staff, much of that is thanks to the record labels and even some radio people who have helped make some of that audio available for use.  That has made it so much easier for me to quickly get it on the air.

We are also in the process of generating much more video content for our social media channels.  Everything from easy kid projects at home, to devotionals with the DJs, to kids story time.  It’s all coming.  With that, we are also launching a Sunday night live stream on Facebook called the Life FM Hope-Cast. We turned an office into a ‘set’ where every Sunday night we invite listeners for a couple live worship songs, and then a conversation with a pastor (rather than a sermon) about relevant topics such as ‘what does purposeful living look like in a lock down.’

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