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Industry News Bits 3-23-20

Connecticut Radio Fellowship has named Drew Crandall president of the Board of Directors. Crandall previously served as vice president and media coordinator, handling the organization’s website, e-newsletter, social media and media relations. Connecticut Radio Fellowship operates WIHS/Middletown (We’re In His Service).  The nonprofit, noncommercial, listener-supported station has been on the air since 1969 and employs over 20 full- and part-time employees.

Wright Media Group consultant Brian Wright is calling on the NAB & NRB to turn up the volume on their communication with the Federal Government. Brian says, “They need to make a strong push RIGHT NOW, beginning with the FCC, to convince them that radio is an essential product & service to nearly the entire US population! These radio stations, big and small, will need just as much help as banks, restaurants and hotel chains. Station managers, call your lawmakers today. Radio is a primary source for millions on how to get through and out of this crisis.”

KSGN/Riverside PD Bryan O’Neal (at left) checks in with HisAir. Bryan says, “Hey Ted, just want to fill you in on what we’re doing during this coronavirus time. Brandi and I are broadcasting using Comrex  from our respective houses. I’m using our remote gear which makes it sound like we’re still in the studio, Because it has the exact same Voco8 processor that we use in the studio, but we are totally being upfront and telling people that we are not all in the studio together. Melissa’s midday shift is also done remotely, she is tracking that from home.” 

Is your show broadcasting from home? Send a pic of your new home studio to ted@hisair.net.   

Premier Christian Radio/London held a National Day of Prayer on the air yesterday. Listeners were asked to light a candle in their window in solidarity, and join a special time of prayer as they pray in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The candles in the windows of homes served as symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ, our source and hope in prayer.

Prayer List:
Parks Stamper
David Harms
Cami McCraw
Emmet Fowler

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