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Industry News Bits 12-22-16

news-iconUnderscoring Nielsen’s commitment to the radio industry, Nielsen announced they will increase the PPM panel sample target by 10% across all 48 radio metro areas. The expansion is part of Nielsen’s ongoing efforts to advance audio measurement and deliver representative, stable and high-quality audience estimates. Nielsen’s enhanced PPM panel will have more than 80,000 installed meters. This means that on an average day over 65,000 panelists will contribute to the ratings. The increase represents more than 6,000 additional panelists on a daily basis across the aggregate of PPM markets. The sample increase will be distributed proportionally across all demographics.

ksbj-treeThe KSBJ/Houston and NGEN/Houston “Giving Tree” was a huge success this season, blessing 699 families in and around the Houston area. Listeners from all over the Houston area took to KSBJ.org to nominate and adopt their neighbors and friends who were in need of a joyous Christmas. The KSBJ Giving Tree is a way to connect our community with individuals and families with legitimate needs this Christmas season. Launched over 20 years ago, The Giving Tree continues to bless families every Christmas season. From car repairs, to kitchen appliances to gift cards for groceries, Houston came through, filling close to 4000 needs.

Carder Price, KSBJ Morning Show Co-host said that he and the other jocks have really seen Houston come together. “We know how the economy has been in the past year or so, and seeing people sacrifice what God has given them to make sure another family is provided for this Christmas – it’s amazing. People would call and give when they had been in a similar situation, or just because God told them to. Houston cares, and it shows in something like this!”

Tom Taylors “Now Newsletter” reports on the WJFS-LP/Gatlinburg fire. “The station building and tower are now only ashes on the ground,” says consulting engineer Jim Turvaville, on behalf of a client Low Power FM in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. WJFS-LP at 101.1 was “located in the region of the wildfires which engulfed the Gatlinburg area,” he tells the FCC, “and the church building housing the station as well as the tower was completely destroyed.” Now Gatlinburg Church of Christ is requesting Special Temporary Authority to remain silent, and then permission to build a completely new permanent facility, 6.1 kilometers away (about 3.8 miles).

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