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Industry News Bits 10-30-19

KVNE/Tyler celebrated 36 years on the air today with a major announcement. Morning hosts “Mike & Carrie” announced Encouragement FM will be launching 2 new stations in a few months.   The stations are Spanish-speaking “Fuzión” (102.3 and 103.1), and a new Bible teachings station that will be called The Well (94.3 and 95.3).

“Fuzión” will air music all day with local Spanish speakers from the community. Both stations will debut in January.

KFSH/Los Angeles (95.9 The Fish) PD Scott Valentine (Santa Scott pictured at left) checks in with HisAir. Scott told us, “What a fun opportunity to let the marketplace know you’re going All Christmas … by dressing the Fish up like Christmas on Halloween! While we’re All Christmas on a kind of dark holiday, KFSH will be sharing Christmas cheer & will tell the marketplace it’s only a costume & that we promise not to play All Christmas until the DAY AFTER Thanksgiving.” According to Scott, in his years programming KCMS/Seattle, they saw a HUGE SPIKE in listening on the days they did it. Scott continues,”So I thought I’d have some fun and do it again in LA; we’re the first station to ever go All Christmas this early in this market.  It really stirs up the marketplace and many, many people tune to your signal, (that otherwise they might never find)!  After all isn’t going All Christmas a way to grow your niche CCM format into the general market?!”

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Look for OCT PPM Day 3 numbers later today. Markets include Columbus, Kansas City, Portland, & more. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by ShareMedia Services on HisAir.

Ann Wooten-Taylor 3 years at eating as An Act of Worship Ministries Radio Show

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