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Industry News Bits 10-27-20

October Nielsen PPM’s release this week. Yesterday’s day 1 numbers were highlighted by KLTY/Dallas trending AQH 6.8-6.3 overall to remain on top of the pack. All of todays numbers are posted HERE. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by Dunham+Company.

WASHINGTON, October 27, 2020—The Federal Communications Commission today adopted a Report and Order that allows AM radio stations to operate using all-digital broadcast signals. AM broadcasters will be able to voluntarily choose whether and when to convert to all-digital operation from their current analog or hybrid analog/digital signals.

All-digital broadcasting offers AM listeners significantly improved audio quality and more reliable coverage over a wider listenable area than analog or hybrid digital broadcasts. It also allows broadcasters to provide additional services to the public, such as song title and artist information. These enhancements will enable AM broadcasters to better compete in today’s media marketplace.

Congratulations to WHCF/Bangor GM Tim Collins and staff for a very successful Fundraiser. The 10-day Fundraiser reached goal innless than 7 days at over 100% of their $450,000 goal.

New technologies are evolving faster than the speed of light. So what are they and what do they do? Dunham+Company unpacks the three specific mediums of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. Read the article HERE.

And for the latest Dunham+Company podcast go HERE.

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