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Industry News Bits 10-14-19

WBVM/Tampa (Spirit 90.5) mornings/promotion director Abby Watts is leaving the station. Her last day will be this Friday. She has taken a position at Family First and iMom where she’ll be Content Manager. Abby told HisAir, ” I have loved these 15 years at Spirit FM. It’s been more than any girl could ask! I’ve spent these years talking to moms of all ages and I’m really excited to take that voice to Family First and iMom.”

Salem Media Group announced today six finalists for the national “Culture Warrior of the Year” award. Finalists determined by the Salem Editorial Board after review of more than 500 nominations from Salem radio listeners are: Franklin Graham, Abby Johnson, Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Alan Sears, and Gary Sinese. The “Culture Warrior of the Year” award winner will be announced in November, and the award presented formally to the winner in early 2020, following a final round of Salem listener votes. The six finalists were decided upon based on the ability each has to fight the good fight for the right reasons. A major criterion for nomination was the ability of each nominee to have endured the slings and arrows of public discontent because of their respective positions. Salem selected leaders who fight on knowing that their cause is just.

“We all know we are in a culture war in this country and we need more people to fight the good fight,” said Salem Senior Vice President of Spoken Word Format Phil Boyce. “Salem’s nominating process to find the Culture Warrior of the Year came from listeners who submitted their nominations on Salem radio host and local station websites.”

Salem Radio Network’s 24/7 news services SRN News and TOWNHALL News will provide live broadcast coverage of the 2020 Presidential and Vice Presidential debates in cooperation with the Commission on Presidential Debates. SRN’s White House correspondent Greg Clugston will provide analysis, and SRN talk hosts including Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Larry Elder will offer opinions and perspective as each debate unfolds.

Three Presidential debate locations and dates have been confirmed: September 9th at the University of Notre Dame; October 15th at the University of Michigan; and October 22nd at Belmont University, a private Christian University in Nashville, TN.  The one Vice Presidential debate will occur on October 7th next year at the University of Utah.

Jeff Wall 13 years at Lighthouse Events
Stephanie Kay 23 years at ShareMedia Services

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