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Industry News Bits 1-26-18

A story pointing out the Google Home smart speaker doesn’t know who Jesus Christ is but can identify Muhammad, Buddha and Satan has gone viral. KeepTheFaith CEO David Sams, who featured in the report, says his Google Home knew who he was but could not identify Jesus.

The story has been picked up TV stations across the US, websites around the world, and even the Drudge Report. Watch the TV story here


Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) earned a nearly perfect score as a certified Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI), signifying that the Christian media company’s culture is healthy and thriving.

“We were pleased to earn our certification last year as a Best Christian Workplace, with a very high overall score of 4.4,” Eddie Baker, President of PAR, said. “The fact that our overall score rose to 4.45 out of a possible 5 is an even bigger blessing!”

KSOS/Las Vegas (SOS Radio) has trended (4.2-4.6-4.8) in the monthly PPM’s. The 4.8 AQH is good for #3 in the market (6+ Mon-Sun, 6a-12mid). Click here for all of Day 3. The last day of Holiday PPM numbers from Nielsen Audio are due later today.  Check back later today for the final day of PPM numbers including Austin, West Palm Beach, Nashville & others. Christian Radio Ratings are sponsored by ShareMedia Services on HisAir.Net. Check the latest PPM numbers here.

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