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Houston Air Personalities Spend Three Days Homeless

KSBJ and NGEN DJs Spend Three Days Homeless On Houston Streets 

For three days and two nights, KSBJ/Houston Morning co-host Carder Price and sister station NGEN Radio/Houston Morning personality Ayana Mack went undercover on Houston’s streets, to understand the plight of Houston’s homeless population. KSBJ and NGEN along with Star of Hope invited listeners to look through the eyes of Houston’s homeless, as they walked in their shoes and discovered how to serve the least of these.

All they had to sustain themselves was $10, a bus pass, donated clothes and 2 tents. Two undercover constables accompanied Carder and Ayana to experience homelessness themselves so they could better serve the homeless population and to provide security. The group struggled to find meals, were kicked out of a restaurant, and became virtually invisible to people they encountered in downtown Houston. In most cases, the only compassion they found came from the homeless. Carder and Ayana knew their experience would in no way compare to what it is truly like to be homeless, but this joint effort with the Star of Hope was designed to raise awareness about how it feels to walk in their shoes and how to help through the Star of Hope.

“It was hard. We could not even fathom doing this for a week, much less months or years,” shares Carder Price, KSBJ Morning Show co-host. “And as desperate as we felt, there was a difference. We knew we were going home in three days.”