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Hope Australia Fires Up New Xmitter

Hope 103.2/Aus fired up its New FM Nautel NV7.5 Transmitter in Sydney Australia!  It has been a project planned for about 4 years in the making. Nautel is kitted out with 2x exciters, spare PSU and spare PA. 6.87kW into 16Bay Antenna System to give 50kW ERP.

Technical Operations Manager at Hope Media Ltd (Hope 103.2/Inspire Digital/Open House) Stephen Wilkinson (pictured) says  “Thanks to the support of “hopeland” listeners over a number of years, we’ve been able to purchase a new transmitter. After major antenna work earlier in the year we’ve been able to reduce the power of the transmitter which is a saving on power costs even more so due to extra efficiencies of the new transmitter”

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