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HisAir Checks In With KLTY’s John Hudson

HisAir checked in with KLTY/Dallas morning co-host John Hudson to get an update on how everything is going since longtime KLTY personality Frank Reed stepped away from the show last December. (Frank still hosts a special KeepTheFaith show specifically designed for the Dallas-Fort Worth metro.)  

HisAir, “Its been about 6 months since Frank left the morning show. You’ve had big shoes to fill, how is it going so far?”

John told HisAir, “Things are going great! I miss the big guy but since he passed the baton, the show has moved the ball down the field in the new world. John Frost likes to say, “a fresh coat of paint.”

“For the past 2 years, Frank really took a few steps back and allowed me the opportunities to take the drivers seat for the show. He was an excellent mentor and friend and truly made the transition seamless… It was a 6 year plan that took wings and a shape of its own.”

HisAir, “Is the station looking to add a 3rd person?” 

John, “It was probably November of last year we were looking for a 3rd mic because we didn’t know what or how it would feel like losing a 3 voice show. February we were 2 months in with Starlene and I, and we discovered a really cool rhythm just the 2 of us. Management felt the new energy as well! Mike (Prendergast) has left the 3rd mic job posting up to have options down the road if he finds gold… I was so happy for Frank to be able to retire on his terms. It’s a wild business, and he’s a legend. He was able to ride off into the sunset with the “radio world” he still knew.”

“KLTY is such a… branded, powerful, heritage station… A publicly traded station… Radio and content consumption has changed SO MUCH that it feels like a new world every single day… With most of Americans working a hybrid model, you hope they tune into your show in their new world. The reality is, fewer people are commuting and waking up when the rooster cries. Long gone are the days of just executing an FM show… Now, to reach the listener, we offer the FM show and our content on multiple on demand platforms. The morning show doesn’t start at 6am anymore… It starts whenever our listeners wake up and choose to consume our content.”

John concludes, “In a business where ratings and numbers matter for the bottom line, the bottom line is that God loves our listeners deeply. I hope they find us so we can walk together and closer to Jesus.”

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