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HisAir At Podcast Movement 2022

Podcast Movement 2022 took place this week in Dallas. Every summer since 2014, Podcast Movement has gathered thousands of passionate podcasters and industry professionals from around the world under one roof to learn, grow professionally, and most importantly evolve and improve the podcast community. And for those who aren’t able to make the event in person,  the virtual ticket is available so you don’t have to miss out on the keynotes and sessions that Podcast Movement is known for.

Stats for podcast listening have climbed over the last few years. In 2021 41% of the U.S. population listened to podcasts on a monthly basis, a rise from 24% in 2017. It’s believed the the Covid pandemic helped those numbers rise, as many people had free time to listen to their favorite podcast.

Podcast Movement organizers say their goal of the conferences is to educate active and aspiring podcasters, and industry professionals, to grow the podcast community and industry as a whole.

David Sams, who hosts “Contagious Influencers” one of the top podcasts on iHeart’s Spirituality charts, from the producers of KeepTheFaith, has attended Podcast Movement many times. Sams says, “Podcast Movement is one of the most dynamic conferences in all of Media. It’s attended by thousands of people with big ideas. Innovation is at the heart of every seminar. It’s also a very diversified group of people, which is refreshing. I think this is my 5th or 6th PM, give or take. I get more out of this conference than any other. It also keeps me thinking young and outta-the-box.”

Sams podcast features big name guests and dynamic unfiltered conversations. Check it out HERE.

Podcast Movement has held annual gatherings since 2014. This years conference attracted thousands of podcasters from all over the U.S. and different countries.

Moody Radio Cleveland Station manager Josh Villa attended his 2nd Podcast Movement this year, “I must say the level of talent, participation, and organization that goes into putting these conferences together is impressive. The sessions are helpful and the topics covered are varied. There are so many sessions it’s challenging keeping track. That’s a good problem! Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or a newbie, I highly recommend you attend these conferences. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Podcast Movement 2022 in Dallas, TX.”

Featured Podcast Movement 2022 speakers were CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta who hosts the podcast ‘Chasing Life’ and Dallas very own Mark Cuban.

TWR Chief Content Officer Jon Fugler says “Monetization, marketing, equipment, distribution and downloads dominated the sessions. Unfortunately, little was taught about the product— content.” Overall, podcasting is still light years behind radio when it comes to quality content. The conference needs to address this in future years. The rest is window dressing if the product is poor. Podcast consumption has gone down in the past year, and content quality may be one of the factors. I heard a lot of opinions but little solid material. Less than in past years.”

Darien Southerland owns the BG Podcast Network & produces numerous podcasts told HisAir, “I go to a lot of events from NRB, NAB, and many more. There is no industry event I know of that demonstrates real world biblical principles better than podcast movement. From corporate giants to independent networks. It seems each is present to learn from each other, exchange ideas and tell what’s been good, bad, or not worth trying. To put it bluntly , there is not a cast system that you see at other gatherings.”

PM 2022 included networking, numerous panels, and sessions held at the downtown Dallas Sheraton. 

Monetizing your podcast was a hot topic covered at PM22. The debate is over host-read ads and programmatic ads. Podcasting revenue is projected at $2 billion in 2022.  

Video has become more widely used in podcasting.  YouTube, TikTok, and other video platforms are utilized by podcasters more effectively to grow shows. According to Edison Research 72% of podcast listeners say they “actively” watched a podcast while listening and 13% said searching YouTube is where they find new podcasts. 

WCVO/Columbus morning co-host Chad Bradley says, “My take away “Radio has a lot it can learn from podcasting. But, podcasting has SO much to learn Radio. And we can help.”



Podcast Movement will hold its smaller event “Evolutions” March 7-10 2023 in Las Vegas. Podcast Movement 2023 takes place in Denver Aug 21-24, 2023.

For more info go HERE.  

Next week HisAir will feature a story on the Christian podcasting panel that was held on Thursday at PM22.

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