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Heather Sheppard Has Passed

HisAir is deeply saddened to report WGLY/Burlington (The Light Radio Network) morning co-host Heather Sheppard has passed away.

Since 2019 she also served as The Light Radio Network Media/Promotions Director. Go HERE for the 2019 interview with Heather. 

Heather had been hospitalized the last few weeks in ICU with Covid. 

Just a few weeks ago Heather informed us that she was in the hospital and requested prayer from the Christian Radio & Records industry.

Heather wrote to HisAir, “Little tidbit of fun, when I was diagnosed with the ultra-rare auto-immune disease similar to MS, called Neuromyelitis Optica.in “13, I was brought out to LA to a medical conference for NMO, and my hubs and I decided to bucket list the Price is Right. I made it on the show and won alpine skis. LOL!”

Here’s Heather on The Price is Right!






Heather was an inspiration and a true example of faith and love who will be greatly missed by all she touched on the radio and off!

Please keep her husband Jerry and daughters close in your thoughts and prayer during this most difficult time.

6 thoughts on “Heather Sheppard Has Passed

  • I listen to the light radio on my work every morning. Heather always lifted me up when I was sad. I loved her voice and happy spirit. As she spoke encouraging words, I always felt like they were directed at me. I am so saddened to hear that she has left this earth and that I will no longer hear her cheerful voice on the radio. Her family will certainly be in my prayers. Lisa

  • Thanks for the comment Lisa… Yes Heather was a true talent, and will be missed by so many that listened to here and Shawn Tkach…

  • I cannot believe my Heather is gone!!! She lifted me up so many times times driving to work. It always seemed the days I was down the most, she would have something positive to say that day. It’s hard to believe this woman who had troubles of her own, was always, always so strong for all of us. My heart is so heavy right now. I love you Heather. Rest In Piece. Mornings will never be the same without you now. You were my world and inspiration!!!

    Gail Singer

    • I also cannot believe my Heather is gone. She was a radiant light in a dark time.
      She loved me when I could not love myself, I know for a fact I wouls not have the life I have today without Heather.
      I can only pray that someday I am good enough to be able to see her again.

  • I also listened to Heather every morning on my way to work. I can’t believe she’s gone!She has lifted me up many times on my way to work. I will keep her family in my prayers. Rest in peace.

  • I continue having a hard time without “My Heather” every morning. My life is not the same without her. I have a hard time with things going on in my life, and Heather’s words every morning turned my life around. I was able to get on a positive note and on dark days, think of Heather’s words and turn it around. Now I feel like I have this huge “empty hole”. The only positive thing in this situation is Heather is now with Jesus wrapped in his arms safe and sound. I miss you so much Heather!! My heart is heavy, but happy for you. I love you.


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