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Heather Erbe Interview

Heather Erbe
Community Impact Director

Career Capsule: 1997 – 2008 – WAYFM Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo., 2013 to present Afternoon host on 90.7 Hopefm Port Huron, 2015 to present Community Impact Director/Midday host Shine.fm Network

Heather, tell us what’s new at Shine.fm… latest news, changes, & what’s new with YOU… etc?

We are wrapping up a season of Sticker stops and have just come off of having a successful On air fundraiser and expansion project. 


Christian Radio has become very competitive… what do you do to stand out from the crowd?

Every day I believe God is teaching me something.  What I’ve found is that a lot of what I struggle with is very similar to others.  When I share on the air, I want it to be authentic and real.  I want it to be relate able.  


What is the best programming/show advice you’ve been given? The worst?

Brian Smith at Hopefm encouraged me to just be me.  That was the best advice I’ve ever gotten.

Not really sure I can think of the worst advice I’ve ever been given.


Some say more Christian stations in a market the better, do you agree with that, why or why not?

I do think more stations the better.  We are all on the same team.  We might have different visions for our stations but we should all be pointing people to Jesus and working together as much as possible.  It shouldn’t be a competition; we should be doing as much as we can to promote the cause of Christ.


How would you describe the Shine.fm audience?

Some of the most passionate and generous people I have ever met.  With my job I get to interact with business partners and donors and so many of them see Shine.fm not only as a ministry to their own family but also to the community.  I love that.  They catch the vision!


In what area do you believe Christian Radio needs to improve most?

I think we need to think and get outside the box.  One thing I am learning is that some of the most amazing things come from being uncomfortable.  Sometimes in our jobs we have to allow God to push us to any uncomfortable place.  He will always meet us there and show us some incredible things in that place of uncomfortably.


Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio?

Thinking we know it all.  I like to make most stuff about myself.  I don’t think I’m alone in that.  When we don’t seek to be better and grow and learn we don’t do our best for Christ.


Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

Scott Veigel.  He saw something in me at 22 that I didn’t know was in me.  He trained me on how to do radio but then guided me to continue to be better.

Mike Couchman.  I respect Mike because he isn’t afraid to step out and do things differently.  He is an out of the box thinker and I wish I was more like that.

Amanda Hildabrand – She is my friend first but an amazing morning host.  She is so funny and just a solid person.  She’s also one of the strongest and best people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know in the industry.

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