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Heart+Beats: Songs That Matter – Every week Record Promoter Josh Lauritch takes a look at 3 new CCM songs that caught his attention – The Heart – The Data – PD pick of the week!


“Look What You’ve Done” from Tasha Layton (Tooth & Nail Records/BEC)

Being an artist who speaks truth and life to people while being a BOSS of a singer is quite the combination. Tasha Layton blows my mind every time I hear her sing and she challenges my soul when I hear her speak. She has wisdom and boldness when she speaks. She cares a ton about making the gospel known and each song she puts out is loaded with heart and truth. He latest release “Look What You’ve Done” is medicine for anyone dealing with shame. The enemy wants us to believe the lies the we’ve too far gone…that the deep roots of our sin will define us for the rest of our lives. God is in the root digging and restoration business. Jesus took care of all our sin on the cross and rose from the dead so that we might have life.

This song is an absolutely stunning portrayal of the gospel. It’s an easy song to agree with loudly in the car whilst driving around town. It’s a song we all need to hear as a reminder of the incredible grace that’s been giving to us through Christ. If reminding your listeners of the gospel is core to your strategy, this song is one you really should look at playing as soon as you can get it on the radio.


“House Of The Lord” from Phil Wickham (Fair Trade Services)

Phil is a force of nature out here with my generation. I don’t think programmers fully realize how passionate his fanbase is. He loves the church and serves the church so well. His music connects at such a high level among worship leaders and he’s one of the most-sung songwriters in the game right now. He has 9 songs in the top 100 on Planning Center right now. NINE SONGS. Six of those songs are in the Top 30. His new song “House Of The Lord” is already #23 on Planning Center and only just released on April 2, 2021. Over 45,000 churches are subscribed to Planning Center and now that churches are gathering again, millions of people are already singing this song. After the past 15 months, we sure need to let out some energy and joy and sing to the God who heals, the God who saves, the God who makes a way. “House of The Lord” is already in the Top 200 weekly consumption report (Music Connect) and was streamed more than 230,000 times last week across all platforms.

Mike Prendergast, PD KLTY/ Dallas

Nonah “Jump” (55 Promotion)
I’m super excited about this song!  First listen had me hooked.  I love the feel of the song, sounds very modern, something I think sounds on par with Top 40/Hot AC secular stations in my market.  Also, the lyrics are fire.  Spot on and something our listener needs to hear.  Love this song!


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