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Glenn Goodwin Interview 11-6-17

Glenn Goodwin
Director of Promotions & Marketing

Career Capsule: With 17 years of experience in radio, I have served with national networks including Bott Radio Network, EMF Broadcasting (K-LOVE/Air 1), WAY-FM, and now with RadioU; as well as a couple of smaller market stations and a few mainstream stations.  I have worked in many capacities including On-air, Promotions, Event Planning, Marketing, Community Impact, and Operations. 

Glenn, tell us what’s new at RadioU, with you etc… ?  

RadioU is now in its 21st year providing alternative rock, hip hop, and hardcore music on 20+ signals in six states. RadioU’s website at radiou.com, mobile apps, and Roku channel also feature 24/7 music videos from RadioU TV as well as separate streaming channels dedicated to hip hop, EDM, metal, and more. All focused on reaching mainly 12-24s with hope and the message of Christ.

For me, I am the new guy at RadioU. I have been here since August of this year, so with that came a move to Columbus, Ohio to the RadioU home office location. The demographic that we are reaching is in need of the music and message that RadioU provides now more than ever, and I am glad to be a part of that!

What are the 3 main ingredients to make a promotion successful?

Promotions need to be fun/experiential, meaningful to the listener, and relationship building between the station and listener (or potential listener).  

What is the best promotion advice you’ve been given? The worst?

Best:  Just because a promotion didn’t go as well as planned, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a success.  Take it and learn from it, and make it better next time!  (And although it may not seem as successful as planned, you never know who you reached in the meantime.) 

Worst: That’s the way we have always done it.  

Regarding your career, what are you most proud of?

I am energized when I hear how something that I am a part of, or had a direct influence with, has made a positive impact in the community or to a specific person or organization.  And someone giving their life to Christ as a result of that involvement is the ultimate reward!

What is the one thing YOU must have to do your job every day?

Music. Resources and tools to be effective in my role. Teamwork. 
That’s more than one, but they are all important!  

In your opinion what makes the ideal station promotion?

Something that creates a memory or experience that the listener wouldn’t have had without the station providing it. 

Regarding social networking and promotion, what have you had the most success with?  

Whenever you engage and become interactive with your audience: that is always a success.   The use of interactive tools like Facebook Live is great, because it involves your listener in what you are doing in a way that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.  You also have to give your audience information, encouragement, and content that they want to hear about and be involved with.  (Always keeping in mind what theywant.)

How do you measure the success of a great promotion?

This is similar to #6 above.  Any time that you can strengthen the bond/relationship between your station and a listener or potential listener, that promotion was a great success because it hopefully also strengthened that person’s spiritual walk.  I look at strengthening and building relationships between a station and its listeners as the most successful type of promotion, because you never know how those bonds can multiply to reach even more people for Christ.

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