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Getting You Ready For NRB Proclaim 19?







By Lee Ann Jackson / Ambassador 

Heading to SoCal later this month for the NRB International Christian Media Convention?  The NRB committee has planned four days of education, updates and encouragement that’ll make March 26-29 fly by! There are lots of reasons to attend NRB, lots to look forward to and lots to do . . . here’s this SoCal native’stake on #Proclaim19!

There are the standard value-added elements to look forward in attending a conference and then there are benefits that “go the extra mile.”  For example:

  • Talking shop on processes and tactics with people in your industry
  • Social media content from the conference
  • Meeting with speakers and organizers to open up new opportunities
  • Hearing about the latest tools being used

In and of itself, while these benefits may not seem that specific, keep in mind, all it takes is one new relationship to take things in a new, forward-thinkingdirection!

Now, on to the specifics and what you need to know for #Proclaim19:

PREP: As they say, “Preparation is the key.”  So, take time to check the NRB web siteschedule , speaker line-up and topics.  

PACK: NRB includes long days and lots of fellowship, be prepared with essentials such as:

  • phone charger
  • power strip (this will make you popular)
  • hand sanitizer
  • Chapstick
  • breath mints 

WEAR: In addition to NRB attire, pack casual SoCal wear and don’t forget your sunscreen – though we’ve had an abundance of rain this winter (and glad for it!), Anaheim is known for 300 days of sunshine a year!

DO: Arriving early to NRB?  Head straight to Angel Stadium and catch a baseball game – not just any game though as on March 24th, the nearby Angel Stadium is home to the Freeway Series.  This series is the Major League Baseball (MLB) interleague rivalry played between the Los Angeles Angels (AL – West division) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (NL West division).  #rootrootrootforthehometeam (Just don’t ask me which one.)

NETWORK: Carry plenty of business cards that you can hand out to people.  And, always have a pen with you to write notes down on the back of business cards so you can remember specifics about each person you meet. 

GO: Get your walking miles in!  Forget the car, (parking is a commodity) and plan to navigate from the convention center to surrounding areas by foot (if need be, Uber it!).

HYDRATE: As NRB veterans know, you’ll be walking around a lot. You may not feel it at first, but all of that walking and talking can easily dehydrate you.  #drinkmorewater 

NOSH: Anaheim has nearly 3,000 eating establishments within the city – the Anaheim Packing District alone includes 30 restaurants, three landmarks and the urban greens of Farmers Park in one of the last citrus packing warehouses. The food hall-style format is informal and very SoCal!

WATCH: Every evening at 9:30, the skies light up with fireworks over Anaheim as Mickey’s Mix Magic with Fireworks nighttime spectacular turns heads up in a chorus of awwwwws.  There are many places to catch a view of the Disneyland fireworks around Anaheim. Some on-site and off-site hotel rooms, or even hotel pool decks, have great fireworks views (and there’s also Downtown Disney – watch fireworks and grab a late evening snack)!

SNAP: One of the most Insta-worthy spots in Anaheim is right outside the front door of the ballroom.   The Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza is part of a 6-acre site alive with water features by day and glowing lights at night that act as the perfect background for selfies.  The 100,000 square foot pedestrian oriented plaza includes 151 palm trees, 60 orange trees and the River of Lights (with 300 in ground programmable LED lights)!

They say California is always a good idea – I may be partial, but I’m sure looking forward to NRB in SoCal . . . see you there!

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