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Garrett Michaels “Just One Word”

Just One Word….Pivot!


2022 is here and you know the question is coming. “What are your New Year’s resolutions?” 


A few years ago, a friend introduced me to something called “My One Word,” and it changed how I looked at each new year and resolutions.  Here’s why.  Most of us have broken at least one resolution by January 3rd, three or more by January 10th, and by January 20th, most of us have broken a majority of the rest.  There are a lot of reasons why we can’t keep them, but the main reason is that we set ourselves up to fail by doing the same thing over and over.


This is where “My One-Word” is different.  Instead of a bunch of resolutions, you filter everything through one word instead. The past few years my words have been transform, joy, present, and forget (during the pandemic).  For 2022, my one word is pivot. 


God has taught me so much about pivoting the last 8-months in my personal life, my broadcasting career, and in helping ministries raise the funds needed to keep sharing the hope of Jesus. To “pivot” means “to modify while maintaining continuity to the previous version.”  In other words, knowing that when you do the same thing, you are just going to get the same results. So, by changing one or two things, something amazing can happen. 


Isaiah 43:19 has been my “pivot” verse.  “See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up, do you not perceive it? 


So how does this relate to you and your radio station?  If you have your 2022 planning grid set to go and everything on it is a “repeat” of 2021, you already know many of the results.  While this can be safe, I would encourage you to practice the “pivot” in 2022 and try something different. Take the step to pivot in 2022 with your on-air team, donor relations, support staff, and see what God has planned!


Garrett is a Senior Fundraising Specialist with Vidare Creative.  After 30 years behind the mic doing morning drive, fundraising and programming CCM stations from the Mid-West to the Mid-Atlantic coast, Garrett “pivoted” when God presented him the opportunity to work with the top fundraising team in the country at Vidare Creative.  He now gets to coach on-air teams across the country and help them achieve their broadcasting and fundraising goals.

Contact Garrett at garrett@vidarecreative.com.

One thought on “Garrett Michaels “Just One Word”

  • Really good “word” Garrett! Great reminder to stay flexible and be intentional about making good changes. Pivoting along with you in 2022.


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