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From Christian Radio for Russia President Daniel Johnson

Christian stations in America are asked to partner to help establish a new national Christian radio service for UKRAINE via NEW LIFE RADIO-Odessa.

As war continues in Ukraine and the city of Odessa faces daily bombing attacks from the Russian military, New Life Radio continues to proclaim the Gospel to both Russia and Ukraine audiences. Because the people of Ukraine are now rejecting all things Russian, including the language, New Life Radio, in order to be more effective in reaching this nation for Christ, is planning to establish a Ukrainian language channel that will cover this country where 97% of communities have no local Christian radio station. Christian Radio for Russia, the sponsor of NLR, estimates a budget of $7,000 per month for a national service, including facilities, full staff, with both Internet and satellite radio coverage of Ukraine. This will allow New Life Radio to begin applying for hundreds of FM licenses in villages and cities across Ukraine–in conjunction with local churches–to set up low power radio transmitters for a 24/7 Christian station without personnel.

WE ARE APPEALING to Christian radio stations in America to tithe small amounts each month to meet this $7,000 network expense.

Contact Daniel Johnson, at CRFRoffice@gmail.com for more information on how your station can partner with New Life Radio.

Information at www.CRFR.org, listen to the station in Odessa at www.NLRadio.net and pray for the protection of our radio facilities, that it would escape being destroyed by these constant artillery attacks for future ministry service to the Lord across Russia, Ukraine, and the Slavic world. Providing Christian radio to the people of Ukraine is the most effective aid we can give this nation and they will need God’s Word as they emerge from this war and need to hear the voice of hope that only Christ can give them. Thanks for your help!

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