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Free Year End Program from Singing News Radio

Singing News Magazine and Salem Music Network, operator of Singing News Radio for the second year in a row have developed a one hour countdown show of the top southern gospel songs of 2018, as compiled by Singing News Magazine. 

This show is offered on a barter basis to commercial stations and free of charge to non-commercial stations. 

The program is hosted by Singing News Radio, Program Director, Greg Goodman.  Goodman states, “We are proud to offer this program again this year with the information provided by our co-branded, Singing News Magazine.  The show will be great New Year’s content for southern gospel stations and a possibility to sample what southern gospel music is all about for other stations.”  While this program was produced by Singing News Radio, there is no mention of the radio network within the programming.  It is consistently referred to as “Singing News Magazine’s Top 10 Southern Gospel Songs of 2018”.

In order to take the program, simply click on the following link: