HisAir Webinar Series

“The ABC’s Of Buying A Radio Station Using BroadcastMetrics” with Frank Kavenik

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 1 pm ET

What you’ll learn in this Webinar: 

-how you can use BroadcastMetrics™ to analyze the financial viability of buying a radio station that will be listener-supported. 
-how to focus on Signal Development which is Step 1 in the BroadcastMetrics Revenue Growth Cycle.  
-calculating the Return-on-Investment and Annual Cash-flow

In purchasing a radio station, you are acquiring the ability to reach listeners within a specific geographic area.   Therefore, it is essential to accurately forecast where and how well your signal covers listeners at home, work, school, businesses, and in their vehicles.

You can read Franks current article “The ABC’s of Buying a Radio Station Using BroadcastMetrics” HERE

Webinar presenter Frank Kavenik helps leaders of Christian radio networks to increase coverage, audience, and revenue.  He holds degrees in management, law, and engineering and invented the BroadcastMetrics strategic planning system.  His background profile is on LinkedIn HERE

Join Frank for a HisAir Zoom Webinar on Tuesday, May 18, at 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET.  To register and receive a personal invitation, send an e-mail with the word WEBINAR in the subject line to frankk@data-sci.biz