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Free Services For Stations Affected by Hurricane

Many Christian radio stations are experiencing immense challenges that Hurricane Idalia has brought to various states and communities, and our prayers go out to everyone affected by this devastating storm. In times like these, Christian FM/Smartradio Suite is recognizing the added burden on radio stations whose air staff may be grappling with the aftermath of the hurricane. 

National Affiliate Manager Geoff Moore says, “The stress and strain on both management and air staff to cover shifts while dealing with personal and community issues can be overwhelming. That’s why Christian FM/Smartradio Suite want to extend a helping hand, and we’re offering our services completely free of charge to any stations in need of radio personality coverage in the affected areas.”

Geoff adds, “Our team comprises a diverse range of talented personalities, capable of adapting to the unique tone and style of your station. We are committed to assisting for as long as required to alleviate the pressure during this difficult time. Our service is available for activation immediately, and we are here to assist you in any way we can”

If you have any questions or require this type of support, please do not hesitate to reach out to Geoff Moore at ChristianFM Media/SmartRadio Suite. You can contact Geoff via email at Geoff@smartradiosuite.com or by calling 716-485-8479.

Our prayers are with you, and we’re ready to lend a helping hand to ensure your radio station continues to minister to its community during these challenging circumstances.

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