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Free Christian Radio Show Prep

For announcers in need of some help with daily prep to make your airshow sound better, a lite version of the Christian Radio Show Prep Service is now available for free.

James Claassen, editor of the popular prep service,  has spent more than three decades in Christian radio and knows how much time it takes to research, put together, and present the information needed for a good radio show.  That’s why he’s been providing show prep to Christian Radio stations around the world for more than a half decade.

“Christian Radio Show Prep Services began as an offshoot of my own desire to keep up to date on the artists aired on the station I managed at the time” “To help our listeners receive most from the music we were playing on the air I felt it was important that listeners develop more of a relationship with the artists themselves”.  “What started as a personal effort for my own show soon developed into a delivery system for our entire network”.  “From there it was only natural to make the information available to others in similar ministries”.  “And so Christian Radio Show Prep Services was birthed”.

Now James is expanding his paid version of Christian Radio Show Prep Services to include a free Lite version in hopes of helping more radio stations to spread the good news of God’s love.  Right now you can sign up to receive the free show prep via email three times a week, early each morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The emails will contain a half dozen stories about Christian artists, Christian news and fun information all written to rip and read.  Signing up is a simple as entering your information at http://eepurl.com/mfkYX.  

Those wanting the full length version can find info and sign up by accessing the free version.