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Finney Media “Why Listen” 2021 Results

Results from Finney Media’s 2021 study “Why Listen” show there’s a greater interest in Christian Radio than previously.

“The overwhelming positives are even bigger than in 2018,” Finney Media President Chuck Finney says. “[Plus] the need for a calming friend is increasing. The last 18 months, as in lockdown, made what we do, it would appear, more needed.”

The 2021 “Why Listen” focused on how things have changed in the past three years among the three formats: CCM, Music and Teaching, All Teaching Stations and Programs. 10,879 Total Respondents.

“Spiritual Encouragement” remains as the big reason respondents say they listen to Christian Radio.

Top reasons for listening:

“it helps me worship God throughout the day,”
“I like worshipful Christian music” and
“I want to be encouraged.”

Reasons listed why listeners are likely to stop listening:
“They have a negative, angry, judgmental tone,”
“They talk about a topic I’m not interested in”
“They play commercials.”

Regarding Podcasts:
Nearly two-thirds of listeners of teaching stations have listened to Podcasts.
Over half of those listening to hybrid stations say they have listened in the past week
Just over a third of CCM listeners have listened to Podcasts in last week.

See “Why Listen” results HERE.


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