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Family Radio Buys NYC Station

Family Stations, Inc., otherwise known as Family Radio, announced today it is purchasing WQBU-FM, 92.7 FM, from Univision Radio Stations Group, Inc. The station is licensed to serve portions of the vast New York Metro.  The station will become WFME-FM.   Family Radio is uniquely positioned to serve the New York City market with a biblically focused format, combining well known traditional hymns, frequent scripture readings and solid Bible teaching from America’s best-known teachers.  Family Radio, a non-profit, non-denominational, educational Christian radio network, has broadcast nearly continuously to the New York Tri-State Area since 1964.  

Family Radio President Tom Evans stated, “We are excited to again reach much of the New York Metro through an FM signal. This full power station expansion helps cover New York City where our listeners work, live and play. We look forward to being the soundtrack of New York City for those that know Jesus and those yet to know Him.”  

Evans continued, “While 59% of the New York Metro area identifies as Christian, it is one of the most religiously unaffiliated cities in the United States, with 24 percent of residents identifying as atheist, agnostic or no religion.* As odd as this might sound, this is exactly the kind of city where we want to have a greater Gospel impact through Family Radio.”   

Recent research conducted in the New York City marketplace reinforces there is a strong desire for the “one of a kind” biblical approach of Family Radio.  

Purchase of the 92.7 FM will allow Family Radio to again serve western Long Island and eastern New York City more effectively with a message of comfort, peace, and hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   

With the need for a property relocation, Family Radio has been operating the heritage AM, WFME 1560 in 20% of its former coverage area since February of 2021.  The AM is covering Northern New Jersey and parts of the western side of the five New York Burroughs.   

    About Family Radio: Family Radio Network reaches into over 65 communities on AM and FM signals in 28 states including stations serving the markets of New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, and San Diego.  Family Radio streaming and on-demand programming can be digitally accessed any time at familyradio.org and its free app, available everywhere. 

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