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Family Radio Amazing Grace Singalong

Family Radio is inviting listeners to join in the singing of Amazing Grace “front porch style” this Easter Sunday morning at 11am ET/10am CT. All Christian Radio stations are invited to participate as well.

Listeners are encouraged to sing from the front of their homes and share the grace of Jesus on this unique Easter Sunday when stations play Amazing Grace at that time. 

Family Stations Senior Director of Programming Vance Dillard says, “This may be the first Easter in our history when most of the world can’t celebrate the resurrection in church. But God’s Amazing Grace couldn’t be stopped by a tomb and it won’t be stopped by COVID-19. We’re asking Radio stations and listeners across the country to join together to sing “Amazing Grace” Easter morning at 11 a.m. Eastern time. Sing from your front door. Sing from an open window. Sing along as you blast it on the radio, proclaiming to the world that Christ has conquered death. Sing and proclaim His “Amazing Grace!”

For more info please contact Vance Dillard at vdillard@familyradio.org or 615-691-0622. 

If your station plans to participate email ted@hisair.net

Time: 11 a.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT on Family Radio – Message the appropriate time for your station.

Song: “Amazing Grace”

Radio Stations: Promote and broadcast “Amazing Grace” for your listeners to sing along.

Listeners: Gather your families and sing “Amazing Grace” from your front door or window!

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One thought on “Family Radio Amazing Grace Singalong

  • Surprised by this time; won’t many be streaming their church’s or another church’s Easter service right about then? I’d suggest 5pm.


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