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Family Radio Adds Orlando Signal

Family Radio is celebrating its 63rd year of broadcasting with the launch of a new station. Family Stations, Inc. is acquiring WAMT/Orlando (1190 AM) from Relevant Radio, Inc.   

Family Radio President Tom Evans said, “Purchase of 1190 AM allows Family Radio to begin its 64th year strong as a broadcasting radio ministry, serving Floridians in the City Beautiful more effectively with a message of comfort, peace, and hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”   Evans continued, “We had strong digital streaming listenership in Orlando and knew Family Radio would be well received”.   

Family Radio is uniquely positioned to serve the Orlando market with a biblically focused format, combining well known traditional hymns, frequent Scripture readings and solid Bible teaching from America’s best-known teachers.  Family Radio, a non-profit, non-denominational, educational Christian radio network, has broadcast in Florida since 2003, with WJFR 88.7 FM in Jacksonville, FL and WWFR 91.7 in the Stuart/Port St. Lucie, FL, area, and its recent acquisition of 91.5 FM in West Palm, FL, in 2018.  

About Family Radio: Family Radio Network reaches into over 65 communities on AM and FM signals in 28 states including stations serving the markets of San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, and San Diego.  Family Radio programming can be digitally accessed any time and place through familyradio.org and its free app, available on Google Play and the App Store.  More information is at familyradio.org   

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