Family Life Radio Ultimate Baby Shower

Over 1,000 families in 11 states were impacted as part of Family Life Radio’s (FLR) Fifth Annual Ultimate Baby Shower, which saw record-breaking donations of over 33,000 baby gifts.

Listeners showed up to one of the 26 FLR hosted baby showers or visited one of 88 drop off locations in their city with their donations of diapers, bottles, car seats and more (see attached photos). In addition to donations, listeners stood on sidewalks in their communities to “cheer on life.”

“We realize now more than ever the importance of celebrating life. This provided our listeners with the opportunity to show their support for families in need in a very tangible way,” said Evan Carlson, president of FLR.

“It’s a wonderful blessing to see listeners across the country shower moms and babies with hope by bringing in their donations to their local community pregnancy centers,” said Sally Barton, FLR’s chief broadcast engagement officer.

FLR began hosting the Ultimate Baby Shower several years ago in an effort to meet the needs of families in local communities. Thanks to the support of listeners and businesses, the campaign has been able to grow more and more with each year.

Family Life Radio operates 41 stations in 11 states with an expanding worldwide online audience. 

Pictured FLR Regional Promotions Coordinator Elisa Meyer with listeners and supporters at an Ultimate Baby Shower party in New Mexico.

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