Family Life Radio Prayer Event

Family Life Radio (FLR) listeners in Arizona, New Mexico and Michigan took to the streets to pray for their cities. The Prayer event was held on October 30 at some of the city’s most notable locations including City Hall, the University of Arizona and Davis Monthan Airforce Base.

FLR also hosted several prayer parades on Saturday, October 16. Listeners in Arizona’s capital drove the 101-freeway loop and prayed during the One Lap for Phoenix event. In Michigan, people hopped in their cars and took part in FLR’s Capital City Prayer Parade, circling the area on the freeway while praying over their city.

FLR partnered with Stand True 4 Blue and New Mexico Prays to host the Route 66 Prayer Parade – Nehemiah Ride in Albuquerque. Over 45 cars and motorcycles drove the route, believing for God to rebuild the walls of their city, just as God did for the gates of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 4:13-14). FLR also held a live stream with prayer with 11 local pastors connecting into the stream during the event.

“We always love the opportunities that arise when we are able to connect with listeners in our Family Life Radio communities. But to be able to gather in prayer with our audience is an incredible bonus,” said Evan Carlson, president of FLR.

Pictured Route 66 Prayer Parade – Nehemiah Ride in Albuquerque.

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