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Family Life Radio Compassion International Drive

Over 900 children will have food, medical care and more thanks to the listeners of Family Life Radio (FLR) who pledged their support during a recent Compassion International Sponsorship Drive.

The three-day fundraiser encouraged listeners to change the lives of children who are living in poverty in Hatti – the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The earthquake in 2021 worsened conditions for families, leaving them without access to food, clean water, shelter and more.

“It’s been incredible to see Family Life Radio listeners step up and provide hope to those who are in desperate need of help,” said Mike Kankelfritz, director of programming and morning show host at FLR.

For just five quarters a day, each sponsorship will help a child living in poverty get access to education, clean water, food and chance to see a doctor. The team at Vidare Creative joined with the FLR on air hosts to run the fundraiser.


Photo: Top left, Joel Davis, FLR director of operations, Shannyn Caldwell, FLR midday host and Bill Scott with Vidare Creative.


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