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Faith Radio Expands Coverage

As reported on HisAir Northwestern Media’s Faith Radio Network has added 5 signals in Missouri as a part of Northwestern’s acquisition of Lake Area Broadcasting Foundation’s 23 signals and 6 construction permits. Faith Radio is now broadcasting on the signals that were previously assigned to Elevate FM. 


With the addition of these frequencies, the Faith Radio Network can now be heard on 33 signals, as well as online streaming through the Faith Radio app and MyFaithRadio.com. 


“We are overwhelmed with gratitude at the increase in reach and opportunity for impact in Missouri!” says Faith Radio program director Ben Holsen. “God is tremendously faithful, and we are humbled and excited to serve.” 


Faith Radio broadcasts on 33 signals. It is a part of the Northwestern Media Network, a ministry of University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Northwestern Media stations broadcast on 104 outlets across 11 states. 

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